December 1, 2023
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5 Modern Marketing Ideas That Grow Small Businesses

Small businesses can go big with modern marketing tools and techniques. Whether you supply local or global customers, you can utilize online marketing to bring in new business and grow your sales. Here are five simple steps toward supercharged sales numbers.

Step Up Your Socials

Whether you focus on local, national, or international consumers, your small business needs an active, engaging, and consistent social media presence. Different apps have different advantages and uses. Twitter is often used more for tech support and initial inquiries, and Facebook is often used as a place for consumer reports, both positive and negative. Maintaining these accounts and responding quickly to comments can be time-consuming, but the rewards come from the likes, shares, and algorithms putting your company on people’s feeds. 

Beyond Borders

A small business anywhere in the world providing goods or services to a global audience can compete on a level footing. You can market yourself internationally online, and not just with banner ads or pay-per-click solutions. International link building services can market your brand globally and help your business’s website stand out as a source of quality and authority no matter what sector you operate in. This can be an incredibly cost-effective way to spread your reach and build a bigger customer base.

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Influencing Influencers

Marketing has changed massively since the advent of social media, and where celebrity endorsements on national TV ad campaigns once ruled the roost, now micro-celebrities with large Instagram followings drive purchasing. Social media influencers are powerful players in modern marketing, and their endorsements can send sales numbers into the stratosphere. Even on a local level, powerful influencers can be trusted for reviews of local businesses. The time and money cost of building relationships with influencers can be minimal, with huge potential returns.

Create Content

Every business is an opportunity to create a YouTube channel. Putting content out there, showing people what you do, and offering information and guidance, all add value to your customer experience. It can act as ‘stealth marketing’ by drawing people in with informative content and motivating them to build a relationship with your brand that leads to a purchase. YouTube can also be a source of income for your business, even if you have only a small number of views and subscribers.

Network To Get Work

Sites like LinkedIn can be invaluable as marketing tools. You can learn a lot about competitors, engage with other businesses, and build a business support network that can help you reach new customers. Your presence there serves as an online business card and can do more than promote your business. It is a recruitment tool too, with many people actively looking for new job opportunities. This can help you boost your business by hiring the right person from a wider pool of candidates for the job.

These five simple marketing ideas can turn a small, local business into a multinational conglomerate. It just takes consistency. Stay on brand online and interact with existing communities while building your own. In time, your customer base will swell and your sales numbers soar.

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