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The Role of Trucking Companies in US Road Accidents


The US is becoming an unsafe country day by day. Accidents are becoming very common all around the US, especially truck accidents. Trucks are ten times larger than sedans and could crush a car in the event of an accident.

In 10 years, truck accidents have increased by 27%. This statistic alone proves that truck accidents are a serious problem in the US and that the government is not taking enough action to stop them.

Truck accident victims will sustain more losses than car accident victims because truck accidents are bound to be disastrous due to the size difference. Luckily, truck accident lawyers can help victims recover from their losses by filing a lawsuit against the negligent party.

Generally, truck drivers will be the at-fault party in the accident. But why do they keep being negligent? Is there something more to this? Yes, there is. Trucking companies’ actions lead to negligent behavior.

Role of Trucking Companies in Truck Accidents 

Trucking companies indirectly affect the drivers’ behaviors and make them act negligently occasionally. Basically, every trucking company wants to make a profit; to do that; they make unethical decisions that can endanger everyone. Here we discuss some of the ways that trucking companies put everyone at risk.

Violating Hours of Service Laws

Hours of service is a law created to prevent drivers from overworking. A fatigued driver is as dangerous as a drunk one. Hours of Service states that truck drivers should take a 30-minute break after 8 hours of consecutive driving. A driver can drive a maximum of 60 hours in a week.

Truck drivers must follow these rules and regulations to stay vigilant on the job. But sometimes, trucking companies force drivers to violate these regulations so that they can make more trips. This violation leads to truck drivers being fatigued. Accidents are very likely when drivers are tired.

Negligent Hiring

Driving a truck is not as simple as driving a car. A driver must calculate every turn beforehand. For example, a truck needs more distance to come to a complete stop when braking than a car. A driver must have common knowledge about trucks.

Trucking companies’ negligence in hiring can lead to disastrous outcomes. A driver who doesn’t have enough experience can easily become fatigued on long trips and is highly likely to cause accidents. Negligent hiring can also result in hiring drivers addicted to drugs or alcohol. Companies should perform a detailed background check before hiring drivers.

Truck Maintenance Failure

Defective auto parts contribute a great deal to total vehicle accidents. Even a sedan can become completely uncontrollable if it has defective parts. Now think about trucks. Trucks are already hard to drive. One defective part is enough to cause disastrous accidents.

Maintaining the truck in good condition is crucial to avoiding accidents. However, maintenance means downtime and expenses. Those are the words trucking companies hate the most. So, trucking companies send out poorly-maintained trucks rather than taking some downtime to fix the issues. This is a major reason for truck accidents.

What You Can Do

If you are a victim of a truck accident, you certainly have to take some actions to mitigate the consequences. Speaking with a lawyer after getting medical attention is the most crucial action you must take following an accident. A lawyer will protect you from insurance companies, help you gather evidence, prove fault, and obtain fair compensation for your losses. Taking action against negligent companies is the only way to reduce accidents in the future.

Final Thoughts

Truck drivers are not always at fault in truck accidents. In many cases, trucking companies are the cause of accidents. Trucking companies should be held accountable for every truck accident, which is the only way truck accidents can be reduced. If you ever get involved in a truck accident, do not fail to take action against the negligent party. Hire a lawyer, file a lawsuit, and obtain compensation.

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