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Four Strategies to Build a More Sustainable Business

Environmental awareness is at an all-time high, especially when it comes to running a business. In fact, most businesses are now taking the necessary steps to reduce their carbon footprint. However, if you’re just now looking for ways to implement a greener way of doing things, you might know where to start. As a business owner, there are several ways to make your company more sustainable, particularly if you own a fleet. Below are strategies you can implement today to build a more sustainable business.

Use Alternative Types of Fuel

The days of diesel fuel are quickly coming to an end. Now, you have plenty of more eco-friendly transportationoptions including electric vehicles that significantly reduce pollution, hybrid models and even cars and trucks that are powered by hydrogen. Additionally, there are resources available to learn how sustainable transportation options not only save you money, but also work to combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Educate Your Staff

In addition to changing the type of fuel or fleet models, you also need to educate your staff. Start off by asking them what they know about it and whether they are currently doing things to reduce their own carbon footprint. You can also create educational booklets, which explain climate change and the basics of greenhouse gasesand how ones like carbon monoxide and methane negatively impact the environment. Offer suggestions to those who are sure how to implement positive changes and explain how you’re shifting your focus company-wise to become more sustainable.

Ditch the Paper and Go Digital

You might already be using a digital marketing strategy so why not continue converting the other parts of your business as well. If there’s one material businesses go through, it’s most certainly paper. Many companies end up going through thousands of pounds worth of paper. In fact, did you know that over 10 trillion sheets of paper are used per year? While you’re going to need paper for some things, we currently live in the digital era. 

These days, there is plenty of software and applications that make your processes so much easier. Look at providing paychecks for employees. Back in the day, managers had to crunch the numbers for every employee, which took hours to complete. But nowadays, every company uses a payroll software to automatically provide employees their wages. All you need to do is enter the information once and the software will take care of the rest. Here’s a quick list of the types of software you can implement into your business:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Asset management
  • Time management
  • Accounting software
  • Communication software

Switching the majority of processes to digital can not only help you save money on paper, but it also helps you protect the environment as well.

Reassess Your Current Supply Chain

Every business depends on a supply chain to provide products and services. However, you’d be surprised how much a company can contribute to waste from their supply chain alone. If a supply chain is wasteful with their materials, it can also cost you more money in the long run. Check to see if your suppliers implement fair-trade policies and recycle materials to reduce the use of plastic and paper.

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