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The Importance of Tailoring a Resume for Every Job Application

Many job seekers spend much time polishing their resumes and wordsmithing them until they are perfect. Then they make a big mistake and use the same resume for every job application. You wouldn’t send the same greeting card for every occasion in your life. It is just as bad an idea to send the same resume to every potential employer.

Before you start job posting, your resume must seem like a total match to the hiring manager, and here is where customization helps. Adding the company name in the “career objectives” section is not enough. The best resumes are tailored around the requirements, hiring practices, and specific job requirements.

If you are looking for professional assistance with tailoring your resume to meet the specific needs of your desired job, consider seeking help from nyc resume writers. These experts have a deep understanding of the job market in the city and can help you create a customized resume that highlights your skills and experiences in a way that aligns with the hiring practices of your target companies. With their guidance, you can craft a winning resume that stands out from the competition and increases your chances of landing the job you want.

Who Cares About a Tailored Resume?

Ask any recruiter, and they will tell you unanimously that you should tailor your resume for each job application. Your resume should be customized for every opening that catches your attention. It is essential to show that you are the right candidate for this employer and not for anyone else.

Your resume should not be considered a mere formality. Instead, use it as a career tool and marketing tool. This approach will result in great jobs and professional advancements.

Your resume can be customized to ensure potential employers can see you as a qualified professional fit for the position in their company. They also get information that is relevant to their company. If you send your go-to template, they will see a generic, boring document that doesn’t fit the job description. Hence, even if you use resume examples for any occasion, you still need to consider them. 

It is easy to see that different employers will require different resumes because each organization has its values, needs, and objectives. You should highlight this if you want recruiters to accept your application and offer you the job.

When you do apply for an appealing opportunity, put some effort and thought into it. This is your chance to establish a long-term relationship and make a big step in your career.

Why It Is Important to Tailor Your Resume

These are three reasons to tailor your resume for every job.

1. You Instantly Hit the Right Spot

It is simple: organizations hire people to solve a particular problem. They wouldn’t invest in new staff if they didn’t have the problem. You want to be the candidate the company must hire to meet its most urgent needs. It is in your power to make that impression.

Before sending the application, you must ensure that your resume addresses the employer’s needs and pains. Otherwise, you’re selling a solution the organization doesn’t need.

To find out what problem the company is trying to solve, look into the position requirements on the company website and other information sources. Next, use your education and relevant work experience to help you solve these urgent pain points. You can also highlight how you have solved similar problems in the past. Highlight the accomplishments you have made up your career to date and how they position you as a problem solver the company can rely on.

Don’t be modest or subtle in aligning your skills to the challenge of the job. Being direct in your wording and highlighting your fitness for the position explicitly solves another problem. 

2. It Is Easier to Pass ATS with a Tailored Resume

Employers are using applicant tracking systems in their hiring process more often. These systems screen more than 70% of all applications submitted automatically without the need for human review.

It is essential to ensure your resume contains keywords and phrases relevant to the job description. Applicant tracking systems tend to be keyword-based. Therefore, your resume must include keywords and phrases pertinent to the expected qualifications highlighted in the opening.

You should also analyze the job posting and other marketing material to find the appropriate keywords and phrases. Ensure you include these keywords in your resume at least a few times. Remember to use the keywords as they are. Even small changes in word order or verb tense can hurt your score. Apply the same principle to the grammar in your application. Even if you use the right keywords, they will not make sense to ATS if it is misspelled.

3. Resume Customization Is an Investment in the Opportunity

A generic resume and cover letter are quick and easy to create. It takes more time to customize your resume for a job. What you lose in time, you gain in impact. Your hard work is rewarded with a higher chance of getting employed.

A customized, well-written resume shows that you are serious about the job. This indicates that you have researched and are familiar with the company. It also shows that you know what you can do as an employee. This makes you a serious candidate, not someone applying for every available job. 

In addition to creating a customized, well-written resume, it’s also important to use a reputable resume writing service to ensure the highest quality end result. By reading resume writing service reviews, you can gain valuable insights into the experiences of other job seekers who have used these services. This can help you select a trustworthy service that will help you highlight your skills and experience in the most effective way possible.

How to Tailor your Resume for an Opportunity

As you can see, tailoring a resume will give you advancement in the hiring process. It helps to pass the applicant-tracking system and appeal directly to the hiring manager’s expectations. This means it must match the requirements and qualifications in the job announcement. You should highlight and cherry-pick the most significant achievements, skills, and milestones in your professional history. Then, relating your existing skills to the position’s requirements is essential. 

For example, consider adding a heading at the top of your resume that reads “Seeking [Job title X] at [Company Y].” This will catch the attention of the HR manager. It will also tick some of those boxes that ATS is looking for.

Alternatively, there are more subtle ways to do that. Another method to prove you are a match is to highlight the skills you learned from a specific project that you can use in your new job. For example, I “Managed seven accountants, which gave me the time management skills that I will need to exceed your expectations as a project manager at X Corporation.”

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