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Top 6 Neighborhoods in Annapolis for Raising a Family

Looking for a place to make a new home can be quite a task. Parents are aware that the environment they live in affects their children’s development, social life, and education, which is why they try to consider all the factors before making a decision. A new home for your family needs to satisfy a couple of criteria, and that’s safety, quality health care and education, and a variety of entertainment options. Annapolis, the capital of Maryland, seems to meet them all. It’s a unique place to move to and it’s surely a secure and quality environment to raise your little ones. However, even in a great city such as Annapolis, there are a couple of areas that stand out. To help you choose the best one, we’ll share the top 6 neighborhoods in Annapolis for raising a family. Hopefully, this list will help you narrow your options and soon move into your dream home. 

Reasons why Annapolis is a great place for raising a family 

Even though Baltimore may be the first city you think of when we mention Maryland, Annapolis shouldn’t be underestimated. Maryland’s capital is the place where you can find affordable housing, great job opportunities and excellent schools. It’s a relatively small city with a bit over 40,000 residents that gives you that suburban feel, making it a perfect place to raise your kids. It’s loved by families who want to move into a larger home at an affordable price, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t browse the list of the top family-friendly neighborhoods we selected.

Ready to move to Annapolis? Here are the areas to consider 

Even though it’s not the biggest city in the state, Annapolis has a couple of distinct areas you should consider when moving with your family. Here are the top family-friendly neighborhoods in the city.

Forest Villa 

Just a couple of minutes away from Downtown, Forest Villa is undoubtedly one of the places to choose from if you’re moving to Annapolis with your family. It’s a neighborhood filled with single-family homes that come with a median home price of about $514,000. Half of the 7,000 residents own their homes, and many of them are families with kids. The neighborhood is easily walkable, with not-so-wild traffic, making it safe and peaceful for the little ones. 


If you’re a water lover and want your home to be as close to the wonderful water views as possible, Eastport is your best option. The charming harbor and a beautiful waterfront area are indeed strong points of living in this part of the city, but they are certainly not the only ones. The neighborhood is relatively safe, has a great elementary school, and its residents enjoy great food, cultural and entertainment scenes. However, homes in Eastport are on a bit more expensive side, so be sure to consult your real estate agent to explore the market and find you the most suitable property. 

Admiral Heights 

Another location that boasts water access, but this time Weems Creek, a beautiful Maryland creek. Families love it for plenty of water activities, such as kayaking.  Admiral Heights is a neighborhood loved by families who enjoy a peaceful lifestyle surrounded by nature. This is undoubtedly one of the best picks for raising a family in Annapolis. 

Saint Margarets

If you’re looking for elegance and a bit of an upscale location, go to the east. You’ll find Saint Margarets, an area that offers expensive homes and a luxury lifestyle. This community is all about a high-quality, active lifestyle with an accent on spending valuable free time with your loved ones. The average home sale price is about $800,000, whereas home values can go as high as $2.5 million. If you’re moving into one of these homes, the chances are you’re bringing some valuable items with you. That’s why you should leave transport to specialists and minimize the risks of damaging or losing some of your belongings.


This lovely neighborhood is every water lover’s dream. It’s surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay and Fishing Creek, and residents can enjoy direct water access and beautiful nature. Families love it for its isolated location and peace, which makes it a perfect place to raise kids. It has three schools close to the neighborhood, but also playgrounds, golf courses, and more. Arundel-on-the-Bay offers homes of various prices, so you’ll probably find what you’re looking for with ease. 

Hillsmere Shores 

Located at the place where the South River meets the Bay, this fantastic neighborhood is all about nature, peace, and relaxation. The favorite place of its residents is indeed Quiet Waters Park, but there are plenty of amenities that make this place more enjoyable for them – beach and picnic area, marina, outdoor pool, and others. 

Moving with kids – can you make it stress-free?

Choosing the right location is only one step of the way. The process of settling down takes time, and when you’re moving with kids, it can get quite hectic. Experts at Helix Transfer and Storage Maryland suggest some essential steps necessary for family relocations – early preparation, the helping hand of an experienced moving team, and plenty of patience. Communicating with your kids about the whole process will help them accept the changes a bit faster, and don’t forget that they may be pessimistic about the whole thing, too. Try to be as patient and understanding as possible and give your little ones time to adjust to the new environment. 

Final words 

Annapolis is a great place to start a new chapter with your family. Its convenient location, great family-friendly amenities, and beautiful surroundings make it easier to make it a new home for your loved ones. The list of top neighborhoods in Annapolis for raising a family is here to simplify the process and help you decide on the new home – it’s only left to pack and start this new family adventure. 

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