June 25, 2024
Annapolis, US 66 F

Local Business Spotlight: Save Our Trees

There are so many environmental organizations in our area doing great work. But there are not many where we can all get our hands dirty and actually make a difference. Enter Susan Wheatley, Nina Fisher, Terri McKenna, and Save Our Trees!

We all love our trees. In fact, the City of Annapolis is a leader in expanding and preserving our tree canopy. But there is a problem–invasive vines that tangle their way up tree trunks robbing them of nutrients. And when that happens, the problems multiply with dying trees, expanded propagation of the vines thanks to birds, decreased stability due to the growth of the vines acting as a “sail”, and more.

Save Our Trees takes a three-pronged approach–act, educate, and advocate. You can act by joining them in a clearing event or clearing trees in your own backyard. You can help them educate by arranging a community meeting where people can learn about the issues. And you can advocate by making sure your local, county, state, and federal leaders know this is an important issue!

Save Our Trees is a genuine grass-roots effort that works from the ground up–just like the ivy they are trying to eliminate!

Have a listen!


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