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What is Outsourcing to Dedicated Development Teams

Ten years ago, when creating digital products, the main alternative to hiring in-house developers was outsourcing the entire project to an external contractor. In the modern world, everything changes rapidly, and mixed approaches such as outsourcing and staff expansion by third-party experts become popular. Today we will take a closer look at what dedicated software development teams are.

What Is the Dedicated Team Model in Outsourcing?

A dedicated team implies remote cooperation with software development specialists on a long-term basis for the implementation of one or several products. Such project team structures are relevant when the client needs a cost-efficient alternative to an in-house team. Thus each of its members is selected in accordance with the client’s specific tech requirements.

How Does the Dedicated Team Model Work?

The main goal of the dedicated development team is to hire software engineers in no time to get their skills and knowledge for the project’s implementation. This format of interaction allows product owners either to replace the IT specialists completely or to delegate some tasks to third-party experts.

Advantages of Dedicated Team

Let’s look at the main advantages of working with a dedicated software development team.

  • Reduced time for project management. By engaging a team of outsourced developers, the lion’s share of the client’s time is freed up for strategic planning and focusing on really important business tasks.
  • Project launch and implementation speed. If your business needs to urgently scale up a project or expand a team, outsourcing will help you. At the same time, the dedicated team can be sharpened for quick adaptation both to the project itself and to possible changes during its implementation.
  • Flexibility. The advantages of resorting to the services of outsourcing companies lie in their flexibility and ability to form any project teams for a variety of requirements and project tasks of the specific client.
  • Transparency. The basis of a productive relationship between a client and a contractor is the formation of an open partnership dialogue. Regular communication in messengers as well as using tools for remote collaboration and project management help the product owners feel like they are in the same office with their team members.
  • High quality of the final solution. Obviously, for the qualitative implementation of the project, it is necessary to attract specialists with high expertise, which has been growing over the years. Many companies have already realized that the expertise of dedicated software teams is always deeper than in the case of in-house ones, as they specialize in their field and work on different projects for various industries. 

Final Thoughts

The dedicated development teams format is great for those companies that do not have their own IT department or it is too busy to be distracted from the strategic priorities of the

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