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Annapolis Film Festival: Waves Apart

The Annapolis Film Festival opens on Thursday, March 23rd and will run through March 26th, featuring more than 70 films, panels, coffee chats, and parties throughout Annapolis. We had the opportunity to hop on the phone with Josh Greene, the director for his film that will be screening at the festival– Waves Apart.

Waves Apart | March 26, 2023 | 10:00 AM | Maryland Hall (Main)

After moving from his Jewish community in Chicago to the small surf town of San Clemente in middle school, Josh Greene became one of the only Jewish kids in his entire town. Josh was bullied and ridiculed for his Jewish heritage, so he decided to find solace in the coolest possible thing he could do as a twelve-year-old San Clemente boy: he took up surfing. Fast forward ten years, and Josh is now an avid surfer. However, Josh was never quite able to leave his Jewish roots behind as new hate groups continue to rise in the United States, with antisemitic rallies happening in his own Southern California backyard. After finding swastikas carved into surfboards at a surf museum, Josh looks back at the sport that once allowed him to fit in. He uncovers California’s long, strange history with anti-semitism and how the world’s oldest form of hatred has found a home in surfing. By speaking with historians, journalists, and pro surfing legends, like Shaun Tomson and Izzy Paskowitz, Josh personally confronts the hidden underbelly of surfing before discovering new signs of light and community that can help combat the darkness of the sport.

Tickets and passes are on sale now for the 11th Annual Annapolis Film Festival.

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