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As Mental Health Declines, We Need Mental Health Nurses More Than Ever


Some people believe that poor mental health is the plague of the modern world. Think of all the people you know; can you identify anyone who has never struggled with their mental health? The truth is that our lives have become so increasingly complex and fast-paced that we are bound to spiral down at some point. Moreover, mental health has declined with the onset of the digital age. It can be hard to stay sane when we consume so much information. This is why there are so many different organizations working actively toward raising mental health awareness.

We also tend to fall prey to depression, eating disorders and many other illnesses by consuming so much content that can lead to feelings of inadequacy. This is why it is now more important than ever to access high-quality healthcare services related to mental health. If you are a mental health nurse or are interested in pursuing this profession, your work is incredibly important and can save people’s lives.

Educational requirements

If you see yourself embarking on this career path, you first need to get accepted into a good nursing program. Once you earn a degree and are qualified to be a registered nurse, you can work your way up toward a specialization in mental health by getting a degree in psychiatry. If you are a nurse looking to advance your career in psychiatry, Spring Arbor University offers an online program to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PHMNP). Completing their MSN-PMHNP Program is a great way to begin your work as a mental health expert. As an online degree, it will teach you what you need to know to be qualified for this job while giving you the flexibility to fit studies around your other commitments.

Why mental health nurses are Important

There are several reasons we need mental health nurses in the field. The work that these nurses do helps so many struggling people to enjoy a better quality of life. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to get into this rewarding field.

Increased demand

The demand for mental health nurses has reached an all-time high. In the modern world, mental health has been able to break free from the age-old stigmas that prevented people from addressing it or even acknowledging it. People now have a very different attitude toward mental health troubles, with many actively working on fixing them. Society now encourages people to seek help rather than stuffing it all inside and pretending that these problems do not exist. As a result, people need more forms of specialized care that these nurses are capable of providing.

Qualified experts

Although it is very positive that people are now more aware of the importance of mental health, it also has a downside. Some people have become self-proclaimed experts on mental health, occasionally making self-diagnoses and diagnosing others with mental health troubles without having any training to do so.

Nurses are medical experts, and those who specialize in psychiatry are qualified to diagnose mental health problems. Not only can they diagnose behavioral and mental health problems, but they can also diagnose psychiatric problems. Even therapists and psychologists lack the qualification to prescribe medicine for problems stemming from the brain. These nurses, however, are fully equipped to deal with such sensitive issues.


Like other types of nurses, mental health nurses are equipped to work with many types of patients dealing with various disorders and mental health issues in various environments. Some settings in which these nurses are known to work include hospitals, psychiatric practices, substance abuse programs, in-home care services and community agencies.

This makes them very reliable care providers as they can look after so many different types of people despite their troubles or even their demographics. Moreover, mental health nurses are available around the clock, especially when they work for hospitals. This makes them very reliable and convenient to reach out to for help.


Mental health nurses are also excellent advocates for mental health awareness. In many cases, people diagnosed with a mental illness aren’t even aware of the disorder or problem, and neither are their families. These patients need all the support they can get from their families and friends to battle their health issues. 

Mental health nurses can educate these people and other caregivers on their problems. They can explain everything that can be done to help the patient and how to avoid triggering them.


In addition to being educationally qualified, mental health nurses also undergo training that equips them with the skills they need to be able to do the job. They must be excellent communicators who are analytical, empathetic and patient. These nurses can take on different challenges by being trained to thrive in such a demanding job.

Care plans

Mental health nurses are qualified to work on care plans for their patients, and they don’t need a doctor’s seal of approval as they have the autonomy to prescribe medication. Because doctors are thinly stretched and unavailable to patients around the clock, mental health RNs step up and make sure patients are looked after and stay on the road to recovery.

Healthcare team

Some patients come in with very complex mental health illnesses and problems requiring a team of qualified professionals to ensure they get the right treatment. Mental health nurses are very important to such diverse teams as they are the ones who spend the most time with patients. This means they can provide accurate and relevant insight specific to the patient. They also have a record of all of the important data and information regarding the patient so the other members of the team who don’t get to know the patient as intimately have a blueprint in front of them. Their recommendations can save everyone involved a lot of valuable time.

Beacons of hope

Perhaps the most compelling reason to pursue this line of work is because mental health nurses create hope when it seems lost. People suffering from poor mental health need hope more than anything else because it gives them the motivation to get better. No one, not even these specialized nurses, can convince anyone to get help unless they want it. Most people who succumb to these illnesses do so after giving up all hope.

Mental health nurses know how to talk to people and help them see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Their work and the people they cure are crucial in battling the mental health epidemic. If mental health nurses did not exist, it is hard to imagine where people with mental health problems would go and how they would get better.


There is no way to ensure that no one ever develops mental health issues. Our brains are designed in a way that does not make them immune to problems. Inevitably, we all go through emotional events and circumstances that can have a very dark impact on our minds, and as a result, our mental health suffers. While we cannot eradicate the root of the problem, we can always work actively toward reducing its consequences.

If you know anyone who is not doing okay mentally or you are not doing well yourself, seeking help is crucial. We all deserve to be healthy, and we all deserve a chance at life, no matter how pointless it may seem at times. So many professionals are available to help people with mental health concerns, so those suffering only need to make the call or pay a visit and get an appointment. If you are a mental health nurse or someone aspiring to be one, this road is going to be tough, but it is very rewarding. Helping heal someone mentally is a very noble act of kindness and service to society.

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