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How to Sell Your Share of a Business

In business, there are situations when owners need to close an existing company for various reasons. Then the founders have a choice: to start the company’s liquidation or sell their shares. If you’re looking to sell your share of a business operating as a Delaware LLC, it’s important to understand the state’s laws and regulations regarding the sale of LLC interests, which may require the consent of other members or compliance with certain legal formalities.For a potential buyer, the benefit of the transaction is obvious – he gets a ready-made company with a package of necessary documents, a recognizable name, practical experience, and contracts with suppliers and counterparties. Let’s consider how to sell shares in your own business. What are the nuances of the process you need to know? And is it possible to sell a stake in the authorized capital to other persons?

Why sell shares in your business?

Investors can sell their shares to adjust their portfolios or to free up money. Investors may also sell shares when they reach a price target, or the company’s fundamentals have deteriorated. In addition, investors may sell shares for tax purposes or because they need the money to generate income in retirement.

How to sell part of your business

Essentially, partners share profits and debts from the day-to-day running of the business. Because of this, when one of the partners wants to sell, he cannot sell the entire business. He can only sell his assets, i.e., his share in the partnership. If you are hoping to sell your partnership interest, consider these six crucial steps.

Step 1

Review the partnership agreement, which defines how the partners will act in certain business situations, such as a sale. The key to a smooth sales process is not to deviate from what has already been agreed upon.

Step 2

Meet with your partner(s) to vote on how to dissolve the partnership and sell your assets. In moments of confusion or doubt, always refer to your state’s law on dissolving a business or partnership.

Step 3

 Since assets can be both tangible and intangible, the next step is determining which ones will be sold. If only part of the partnership is dissolved and the business intends to remain intact, the remaining partner may not want to sell their mailing list or machinery.

Step 4

Pay all debts. If this is not possible, reduce the value of the selling partner’s share to reflect the percentage of debt the selling partner must assume.

Step 5

 Contact a business advisor and have the business for sale valued, say WebsiteClosers. Before selling any business, it is necessary to determine its value.

Step 6

Find the right buyer! Once you have a business advisor and a valuation, you can sift through potential buyers to find the right one.

Can I sell my company shares to anyone?

A member of an LLC has the right to sell his share or part of it to one or more members of this company. In this case, to sell to one of the members, asking permission from other members is not necessary. 

Another thing is when the potential new owner is a third party. Note: if the charter does not stipulate otherwise (there is any prohibition on the alienation of the participant’s share to third parties), the owner of the percentage to be sold may become a third party.

So, a shareholder who decides to sell his share in the company to a third party must first offer it to other shareholders.

How to sell corporate shares of stock in your business: key recommendations

● The sale of shares within the framework of the sale of ownership rights can be carried out for various reasons, for example, to repay debts, to finance expansion, or to diversify the owner’s risks.

● Depending on the situation in the business, owners can sell the entire or partial ownership.

● Different options for selling a business include selling to private investors or employees.

● There are many steps to selling a business, including determining its value, what your shareholders want, creating a marketing strategy, and getting your business for sale.

Selling the corporate rights of an enterprise is a fairly common way to acquire a company. However, it is necessary to pay attention to certain legal nuances in such a seemingly simple matter.

Of course, each transaction requires detailed preparation and verification, but in any case, the main points on how to sell your share of a business mentioned above should not be forgotten.

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