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How to Prepare for a Big Wedding Anniversary: Celebrate In Style

Is the coming year set to bring with it a milestone for you and your wife, husband, or partner in the form of a big anniversary? Do you want to mark it effectively and with the grandeur it deserves? If so, let’s see if we can impart some profound wisdom in your direction.

Are you the type of couple that underplays anniversaries? There are some, either by design or experience, that tend to approach such events with a certain amount of reticence and managed expectations.

Perhaps one of you is more of the romantic type than the other, or life has simply gotten in the way of such celebrations. Either situation isn’t ideal. It is essential to commemorate anniversaries as doing so will help you to reflect and bask in your shared experience, love, and connection.

Even the most hardened of cynics should recognize the importance such activities play in our lives and if your upcoming wedding anniversary is a big one, i.e., ends in a round number, then there’s even more reason to celebrate in style!

Here are some ways of doing so, from very grand gestures to more refined, understated suggestions that may be more your style.

Renew Your Vows

Now, this is a big one and a route that many couples consider. Renewing your vows is no simple undertaking but can be a wholly beneficial and rewarding way to mark your anniversary.

Maybe you got married in trying circumstances, and your first wedding was a little on the simple and basic side. You may now be more financially stable and, therefore, capable of throwing a wedding that is more befitting of how you’d have liked to have done it the first time.

Perhaps you just want to throw a great big party because you remember just how much you enjoyed your original wedding. Whatever the reasons, this is something you’ll have to reach an agreement on and then set about planning the occasion. 

You may be looking to renew your vows as a sign of a continued commitment to each other rather than as an excuse for a wild night, in which case this is a very thoughtful way to mark your milestone anniversary.

Consider a Personalized Custom-Made Present

As this is a big wedding anniversary, your approach to gift-giving needs to reflect this, and adopting a more personal approach is an excellent way to go.

Given that this anniversary is a big one and full of grandeur, you might want to consider adding a personalized or custom-made element to the present you offer your partner. In this case, you could consider a stylish gold necklace with her name spelled out or perhaps that of your children. 

You can’t go wrong with jewelry, and an item that not only oozes class and luxury but also says something personal to the recipient is pretty much guaranteed to be a winner.

A Second Honeymoon

This is akin to the potential idea of renewing vows; it’s a second shot at an event that you may have really enjoyed the first time or perhaps didn’t even get around to due to financial reasons or simply not having the time to do so. 

This is a popular way to mark a significant anniversary, and you can’t really go wrong with this form of celebration. If you want to gift this idea to your partner, then it would be a surprise that would undoubtedly hit the spot.

Maybe your first honeymoon was idyllic, and you want to make a return to the exact location; this is a very romantic idea and can help to re-center your married life, especially if you’ve been having issues lately.

Your First Date Reimagined

Some people mark their anniversary by when they first met as well as, or instead of, their wedding day. Others may use the day of their first date as the one that really counts, and an imaginative way to mark your wedding anniversary may be to try to recreate that first date.

This could involve booking a table at the same location, or if that has closed down, somewhere in the vicinity, and you could look to heap on another significant aspect to your meeting. Maybe you can wear the same outfit or exchange gifts that are relevant to the year or era you have that date; this is, of course, dependent on just how long you guys have been together.

Keep It Simple

If your wedding anniversary is a truly monumental one, say, for instance, a tenth, twentieth or thirtieth, then the idea of doing something on a colossal scale may actually leave you anxious and fearful. Or it could be that financially speaking, such a big party is problematic, in which case there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it simple.

Cook your wife, husband, or partner a nice meal at home with a bottle of wine, and then just revel in the occasion. If you have very busy lives and perhaps a young family, then this is a chance to really enjoy each other and that, in many ways, is genuinely as pleasing and important as a grand act that may set you back thousands of dollars. 

Be sure to book a babysitter or shuffle the kids off to the grandparents and make a pledge to cease work at a reasonable hour and then just relax and unwind and catch up on each other and think about how much you’ve achieved together and how lucky you are to have found each other. 

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