June 12, 2024
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Bonus Podcast: ZeroEyes Looks to Help Maryland Stop The Next Mass Shooting

Before Governor Hogan left office, he entertained a method to reduce mass shootings in Maryland. That decision will now be up to Governor Wes Moore and the Maryland legislature. ZeroEyes can help.

Imagine being able to detect a mass shooter’s gun before it is fired. How many lives could be saved? How helpful would it be to law enforcement to know how many shooters, their location, and the types of weapons?

The technology is here and may soon be evaluated in ten school districts across the state.

According to Kieran Carroll, the Chief Strategy Officer at ZeroEyes, the vast majority of shooters will brandish a weapon long before they fire a single shot. And this is the point where ZeroEyes comes into play. The software, adaptable to most existing video cameras, can detect a gun once it is bradished. Once detected, it it verified by a human in their operations center while simultaneously alerting authorities to the incident.

While responding, ZeroEyes can let law enforcement know how many shooters, specific locations, suspect and weapon descriptions and movemnts across camera fields in near real-time.

This incredible technology is in use across 25 states in schools, stadiums, military bases, and in high crime areas to thwart gang activity.

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