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Best Wedding Themes for 2023

Nothing is more satisfying in your wedding than having a theme for the important day. Simply, wedding themes are a concept or idea that flows throughout the wedding. It can involve color, a song, or a style motivated by a favorite show or movie. 

Planning a wedding in 2023? Below are some of the best themes to set the tone for your wedding. Before settling for a certain theme, ensure that your chosen wedding venue can fit the theme chosen. 

1.    Vintage Wedding Theme

A vintage wedding entails a celebration that brings the past decade’s memories. You can choose a specific era to imitate, for example, the glamour of the ’20s.  Vintage wedding themes will require you to look for venues with rich architectural views left by the older generation. A vintage wedding theme includes:

  • Classic and timeless décor
  • Vintage-inspired dressing code and hairstyles, both for the bride and maids.
  • Lace or pearl-finish wedding gowns.
  • Vintage bottle and brass cutlery
  • Antique furniture and vintage props
  • Linen table runners 

2.    Pearl Wedding Theme 

The Pearl wedding theme is elegant and symbolizes timelessness.  You can choose pearls as your centerpieces, on your hair, as accessories for everyone, or any other wedding details. Pearl jewelry is beautiful and adds to the glamor of your wedding. Not only will ladies wear pearls, but also men can wear pearls. Recently, we have seen Hollywood male artists showing up at events with pearl bracelets and necklaces.  

New pearl lines are being launched to specifically produce genderless pearls. A recent one was by the famous Laguna Pearl in Los Angeles. The company launched a male pearl line, Laguna Fame. Therefore, for pearl lovers, a pearl wedding theme is a to-go for style without worrying about male accessories. Famous artists like Harry Styles have inspired different designs one can rock using pearls.

Characteristics of pearl themed weddings include;

  • Pearl bridal look
  • Pearl chandeliers
  • Pearl decorations that integrate pearls into your wedding décor. For example, pearl bouquet wraps, pearl stands on chairs or tie-up napkins.
  • Pearl accessories by bridesmaids and grooms
  • Pearl decorated cake

3.    Bohemian Wedding Theme

The bohemian theme is a vintage style that uses the trends of the late 1960s and early 1970s with a touch of modern styles. The theme comprises many wildflowers, dreamy lace and linens, and earthy elements. A bohemian wedding theme includes;

  • Wooden furniture
  • Floral or macramé table mats
  • Warm and earthy decorations comprising red, pink, yellow, and orange
  • Bohemian rugs
  • Light wedding dresses and flower crowns
  • Dream catchers and floral hoops
  • Cascading bouquet

The best location would be one with the freshness of countryside air. 

4.    Modern Wedding Theme 

Modern-themed weddings are refined and sophisticated and use a monochromatic color palette. This theme represents a fashion-forward and fresh style. Often the venue is usually the main focus of a modern-themed wedding. Décor and other elements can remain simple. However, that depends on different individuals; some can decide to go beyond the details.  

This theme includes;

  • Subtle tropical leaves
  • Exotic flower arrangements
  • Printed table mats
  • Pared – décor
  • On-trend foliage and florals. 
  • Geometric pieces together

5.    Classic Wedding Theme

A classic-themed wedding uses delicate white florals, light lines, less décor, and lots of lush greenery. The standard classic wedding colors are navy and gold. Other colors include gray, burgundy, or dusty blue. A classic wedding theme includes;

  • Soft color scheme
  • Decorative ribbons
  • Soft and subtle prints
  • Elegant floral arrangements
  • Lace or embroidery decorations 
  • Timeless wedding dress
  • A classic tent and altar
  • A historic venue 

6.    Rustic Wedding Theme 

Rustic wedding style uses things that are somehow rough at the edges, organic, or a bit boho. Forests, ranches, farms, or barns can be ideal venues, with leaves and branches as the main decorations. Paired with natural elements like the leaves and raw wood, gray and purple tones give the formality of a rustic wedding theme. 

Characteristics of a rustic wedding theme include;

  • Natural textures
  • Casual dress code
  • Wood elements and handmade details 
  • A softer color palette like blush, sage green, or dusty blue. 
  • Rustic candles
  • Natural flowing wedding dress
  • Relaxed and casual ceremony

Your wedding theme should stand out. When you decide to settle for a certain theme, ensure that you exploit it to the maximum to bring out its elegance. It reflects your personality and hence should be chosen carefully. The main factors to consider are the color themes, the season of the wedding, the budget, and the wedding venue. 

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