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Basics Of Trading Rocket League Items

As online trading in the video game industry skyrockets, its popularity has become even more apparent. The top video game titles did not take long to get on board with the idea. Unfortunately, some platforms are still trying to figure it out. In the meantime, the value of the video game industry, which was $159.3 billion in 2020, continues to soar. Learn more about the basics of Rocket League trading by reading the content provided in the article below.

Buying Credits

Credits are relatively affordable. What some players define as “affordable” may not be so for other players. It is recommended to buy Credits in bulk to ensure there is enough to acquire the Blueprint you have your eye on.

The conversion rate for Credits is around $1 for 100. Painted variants have an additional fee. Players can expect to spend $20 for two packs of 1,100 credits. 

Look for discounted prices because Psyonix periodically runs specials.

Trading Credits

Rocket League Credits are tradable items. However, there is a catch. The maximum trade amount is 100,000 Credits per player. Another important factor to note is the Trade Hold. All Credits are subjected to a 72-hour Trade Hold. When the deadline expires, players can access the credits in their accounts. The Credits will now be available for trade.

What Rocket League Items Are Tradable?

Before delving into the trading side of Rocket League, players need to get educated. There is no doubt too many players are currently taking part in the process while knowing a successful trader. 

The first step to learning how to trade Rocket League items is to learn which are tradable. A Blueprint is a detailed layout of what it takes to build an item. One important key feature is the number of Credits (currency) needed to complete the project. Credits are a necessity when it comes to building items from Blueprints. 

There is no charge to reveal unrevealed Rocket League Blueprints. The Credit amount varies depending on the grade, including Import, Rare, Very Rare, Exotic, Burnt Sienna, Special Edition, Most Paint Colors, and Titanium White. Import Blueprints cost ranges between 300 and 500 Credits, while Titanium White costs between 100 and 500 Credits. 

Non-Tradable Rocket League Items

Rocket League’s trading regulations are unique because some items are considered off-limits. In other words, specific items cannot be traded to other players. 

The tradable value depends on where the item originated from. For example, Blueprints from the Item Shop are deemed non-tradable. Players with Item Shop Blueprints are pretty much stuck with them. 

The Dominus, Royal Crown, Invader, Road Hog, X-Devil, Kana, Venom, Flamethrower, and Stern are also deemed non-tradable. 


Players must be aware of the tradable and non-tradable value of all Rocket League items. Being a knowledgeable trader is the only way to protect your investment. It is also just as important to know the risks of trading items. 

Items are traded between two players who are, more often than not, strangers. Never fully trust that a trade will go through without a hitch.

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