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Basics of Blockchain Technology in the Crypto World

The 21st century has been revolutionary for humans, marking the advent of innovative technologies and advancements in various spheres of life. One of the latest buzzes around Bitcoin Smarter was about ‘blockchain technology’ since 2009 when bitcoin was first introduced to the world. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology was thrust into the spotlight, and many people were terrified of the idea. But even though cryptocurrencies are a popular investment type right now.

Blockchain came to the surface as the most potential record-keeping system in 2009 with Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto, who is credited for the development of Bitcoin, is also credited for the introduction and revolutionary implementation of blockchain as well. owing to a tail of advantages blockchain record-keeping system has quickly grabbed huge popularity.

Concept of Blockchain

Blockchain is an immutable system of information recording. Integrated with advanced smart contracts technology, this system is programmable yet secure as all data are individually encrypted and which are once recorded, cannot be changed or altered. Since any validated record cannot be tampered with or changed, this system has gained immense reliability.

To put it together, blockchain can be defined as a digital ledger of financial or crypto transactions which is essentially distributed across the entire framework of the blockchain, network including all computer systems across the network. Each block has a limit for recording transactions and contains a series of transactions. Every time a new transaction occurs on the blockchain, a duplicate copy of the transaction is added to each participant’s ledger for validation.  One of the essential characteristic features of blockchain is that it is a decentralized database that is managed by multiple participants instead of a centralized authority commonly termed Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Quick Facts

  • In a blockchain which is a DLT, every transaction is recorded into a block with an immutable secure cryptographic signature termed a hash.
  • In every block, you can find a transaction timestamp record.
  • The identity of all ledger participants is either anonymous or pseudonymous.
  • To validate a transaction, all ledger participants must agree to the validation of the transaction.
  • The blockchain record-keeping system has gained rapid acceptance and reliability owing to the fidelity and immutability of every data recorded.

A typical record-keeping system and a blockchain differ primarily in how the data is organized. Each block is in fact a collection of data that has been encrypted. As mentioned earlier, every block has a certain capacity for storing data, and once it reaches its capacity, it is linked with the previous block. This way, a chain is formed, where once data or transaction is recorded cannot be altered.

While in general any database formats and structures every piece of information in the format of a table, in a blockchain as the name suggests data are stored in a chain format. Decentralized in nature, a blockchain creates a secure irreversible timeline of data, which is integrated with an exclusive timestamp for every single transaction.


Therefore, to sum up in easy terms and make it understandable, blockchain is a shared database, which in the case of cryptocurrency, is accessible on a public ledger. Cryptographic records, which are immutable and integrated with timestamps defining the precise timing of every transaction made across this public ledger, are used to maintain blockchain records.

The factor behind the immense hype behind blockchain is the resolved issue of trust and reliability. In the case of cryptocurrency transactions, if the database is managed by a centralized authority, there is the scope of illegal alterations or changes by the one in authority or charge. Blockchain, on the other hand, is a public ledger and each transaction record is immutable, so you can be certain that your crypto holdings are secure.

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