July 13, 2024
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4 Ways Fleet Managers Can Help to Reduce Accidents

While it may not be possible to control the way your drivers operate their vehicles, there are certainly ways of helping to reduce the number and severity of accidents they have on the road. This means that you can have a healthier workforce who will need to take less time off to recover from accidents, and it will reduce the costs associated with vehicle repair. Here are four ways fleet managers can help to reduce accidents. 


One of the main causes of accidents is tiredness. It is easy to become fatigued on the road as driving can become very monotonous. Drivers can lose concentration or even fall asleep at the wheel leading to accidents and fatalities on the road. Allow them time to take regular breaks to take their eyes off the road, stretch their legs, and grab a coffee. They may take longer to reach their destination, but at least they will get themselves and their vehicles to their location in one piece. 

Speed Monitoring

Another important factor in fleet driving accidents is speed. However, this is easy to manage as you can monitor the speed your drivers are traveling at. You can set the speed you wish your drivers to travel at and use technology to alert you if your drivers exceed the set speed limits. You can discipline repeat offenders to encourage them to stay within safe limits. This will not only reduce the number of accidents, but it will also reduce the severity of any accidents that do occur. 


Regular maintenance checks of your fleet will ensure that things are less likely to go wrong. Maintenance issues such as engine or braking issues can cause accidents that could have been prevented. At the very least, regular maintenance checks will mean that your drivers will be less likely to break down and make late deliveries or need expensive emergency repairs, which can cost your company a lot of money. 


It is easy to get complacent if you have been doing something for a long time. Some of your drivers may have passed their test several decades ago and are likely to have picked up bad habits during that time. Regular driver training can encourage them to be safer, better drivers and allow them to refresh their minds regarding best practices on the road. Giving them regular access to a fleet safety course will reduce accidents, and some of your drivers may even find that they learn new techniques in training that will help them to carry out their jobs more effectively. 

As a fleet manager, there are plenty of ways to help and encourage your drivers to make safer road journeys which will help save lives, prevent accidents, and save money. Make sure you have set up these processes to make your job run more smoothly and prevent accidents from occurring in your fleet.

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