July 16, 2024
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OPINION: Fact Or Fiction With Doug Rathell, A True Community Servant

I’m Doug Rathell, a local Fire Lieutenant and Paramedic. During my 16 years of community service, I have seen a deep, strong, permanent connection between politics and public safety. Because of this, I feel it’s time to bring my leadership to the Legislature. I’m running for State Delegate in District 30A. It is my purpose to be the voice of our community and continue to choose People over Politics.

With only one day to the General Election. I want to take this moment to clarify some of the misconceptions brought forth by the House Democratic Caucus and their group Maryland Accountability Project. Unfortunately, my character has been demoralized, slanderous accusations have been made, and advertisements and mail pieces have been falsified.

Fiction: [Doug Rathell] “Is endorsed by an extreme far-right group that [Maryland Right to Life] thinks all abortion should be illegal.” -Maryland Accountability Project.

Fact: I am NOT endorsed by Maryland Right to Life. An advertisement entitled “Doug Rathell would rather let me suffer than allow me to have an abortion.” was created by Maryland Accountability Project using a grotesque inference picturing a “stock photo” of a young girl with childhood cancer.

Fact: This claim is completely false. I am not against Women’s Choice. I’m a healthcare provider who took an oath to always protect my patients and to Do No Harm. Being a Paramedic, the accusation of letting someone suffer is not only hurtful, but it is also defamatory against my profession.  I have been a Paramedic for over 16 years serving our community.  I have been awarded numerous commendations and awards for my service.  A lifelong Democratic voter contacted me about this advertisement and said, “I am disgusted…this is so dirty.”

On the contrary, my opponent, Delegate Shaneka Henson, actively advertises and promotes she is Pro-Choice while fervently fighting for Women’s Health. How can this be true if she intentionally and systematically chose NOT to vote? Delegate Henson voted against HB937; the Abortion Care Access bill, twice and specifically chose not to vote on any of the ten floor amendments.*  She was neither excused from voting nor absent. Delegate Henson was the ONLY Democrat to do so.  Honesty and transparency to voters should be of concern.  The false anti-abortion attack ads aimed at me could very well be to hide the voting record of their own candidate.  “Your vote matters,” but does hers?

Inflation is affecting every one of us right now.  The increasing cost of groceries and fuel is causing many to make hard decisions.  Do we put food on our table or gas in our tank? Delegate Dana Jones did NOT vote for SB215, the Gas Tax Holiday Extension. Delegate Henson voted AGAINST this bill.*  Maryland was fortunate to be in a surplus of funds, this was one way to help ease the pain at the pumps, but these two were not interested.

Crime is on the rise and continuing to impact our District negatively. Just within the past week, there was another shooting in Annapolis.  This shooting occurred in the same area that took the life of a midshipman’s mother while visiting her son in 2021. Our streets are not safe.  Is our current delegation truly protecting our community?

The education system is failing our children.  Recent Maryland State Department of Education test scores follow national learning loss patterns.  I am passionate about this issue because I have three children attending public schools. Elected officials tout the importance of public education, but why are these schools not good enough for their children?

As an independent thinker, when elected as your Delegate, I assure you I will vote on every issue for all people equally.  Change starts locally.  There are two choices on your ballot for Delegate 30A, and I am kindly asking for one of your votes.  Red or Blue, a vote for Doug Rathell is a vote for you! Find out more by visiting www.electdougrathell.com or by phone/text at (443) 305-9230.

*source, www.mgaleg.maryland.gov

–Doug Rathell, Candidate for Delegate, District 30-A

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