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Fun Date Ideas for Sci-Fi & Fantasy Geeks

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Candlelight dinners and walks in the parks are great for any couple, but sometimes you just want a little something less common, especially if you are a science fiction or fantasy geek who sees the world in a unique light. Luckily, many fun date ideas for sci-fi lovers are out of this world. (And I don’t mean a Stargate SG-1 marathon.) Here are some of my favorites.

Visit a planetarium

Planetariums are like theme parks for space nerds. There are lots of exhibits and activities to explore from mock spaceships to super telescopes that you can use to see faraway constellations. They also host immersive shows where visitors can learn about the different planets in our solar system and how they interact with one another. Most planetariums offer stargazing nights where you can enjoy a romantic evening under starry skies. There is no better place than a planetarium to rekindle your awe of the infinite universe. After your trip, purchase a piece of starry artwork to keep the wonder alive in your home.

Catch a meteor shower

There are thousands of meteor showers occurring every year all over the world. To successfully view a meteor shower, you need two things: darkness and a clear view of the sky. So before planning a date to see a meteor shower, ensure the weather forecast indicates clear skies in your area. Then, choose a quiet spot that is far away from light pollution, such as a desert or the top of a hill. Prepare a large blanket or folding chairs and relax while waiting for the light show to begin. Make the night even more special by packing a picnic of wine and snacks to enjoy under the stars.

Go to a convention

Visiting a sci-fi, fantasy, or comic convention is the equivalent of a Vegas weekend for geeks. Conventions are a great way to learn about your favorite fandoms and meet your favorite creators and stars. Plus, you get to spend time with people who are passionate about the same things. If you like cosplay, creating costumes together and dressing up as your chosen characters can be an excellent way to bond. What’s more, you get to attend panels on topics such as extraterrestrial life, string theory, cybernetics, and time travel—which will give you lots to talk about when you get home.

Learn an alien language

If you are a sci-fi fan, you probably dream of being able to communicate fluently with fantasy beings. Many websites are dedicated to the languages of fantasy and sci-fi, including Klingon from Star Trek, Dothraki from Game of Thrones, and Dovahzul from Skyrim. You can download dictionaries and tutorials explaining how their alphabets work and teach you the basics of these languages. Once you learn some phrases, you can try using them in conversation, and soon you will have a private language that only you and your lover will understand. (Unless you are at a convention, that is.)

Go traveling in time

I know that time travel is not possible yet, but there is no harm in pretending. There are many ways to make yourself feel like you have traveled in time. You can host a Medieval party or decorate your room like the inside of a futuristic spacecraft. December 8 is Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day. On this day, you act like you have arrived in the present from a different time. The best thing about this activity is that only you and your partner will know what is happening—other people will have to figure out why you keep asking what year it is or why you are afraid of automatic doors.

Make fictional food

Nothing brings a couple closer than cooking and sharing a meal. But you do not want to cook just bland old dishes. Some cookbooks feature recipes from popular fantasy and sci-fi universes from World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings to Star Wars and Overwatch. These books contain detailed instructions on how to make delicious dishes like Rylak claws, Beorn’s honey cakes, fried Endorian tip-yip, and “radioactive” soda floats. Dedicate a day to whipping up a feast with your significant other. Remember, soon all we will have to eat is Soylent, so make the most of now.

Survive the zombie apocalypse

Laser tag is a fun game to play with a group of friends. But what if it took place in an abandoned warehouse overrun by zombies? Thanks to the popularity of zombies, several locations in the U.S. offer zombie laser tag events in all their gore and glory. You and your partner must work together to survive this post-apocalyptic adventure. If you want to go low budget on this activity, you can even create your own B-grade version with paintball guns and Halloween makeup. Enlist your friends to play the zombies, and you can have a rollicking humans vs. zombies battle.

Movie and gaming nights are great, but sometimes it can be fun to do something new and different. From time travel to meteor showers and surviving zombies, the options for great sci-fi and fantasy dates are endless. Try these ideas on your next date night and take your romance and excitement levels up to hyperspace.

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