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6 Reasons Why Disposable Vape Rises in Maryland

Disposable vapes have gained immense fame across all age groups in the United States of America. Whether teenagers or adults, all seem to use disposables actively. However, it is primarily the youth that significantly contributes to the rising popularity of these devices.

As per studies, about 23% of Maryland students use vapes or e-cigarettes. In comparison, only 4.3% of adults use vaping products.

Nevertheless, in 2019-20, the country’s disposable vape usage shot up by 1000%. And it’s no doubt that Maryland has been a major contributor to this massive sale of vapes.
So, this article will explain exactly why disposable vapes are so much in demand in Maryland, for six precise reasons.

6 Compelling Factors for the Rise of Disposable Vapes in Maryland

Reckoned brands like Hyde vape disposable or Elf Bar are all the rage in the state. However, it is interesting to consider why these disposables have witnessed such exponential growth in popularity.

1.       Disposable vapes are extremely user-friendly

To begin with, disposable vapes are highly simplistic to use. All a vaper needs to do is take it out of the box, bring the mouthpiece to their lips, inhale, and exhale.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, Maryland consumers no more have to worry about carrying a lighter, finding a place to ash their cigarettes, or spraying perfume onto their fingers after smoking. Instead, they can simply pull their disposable vapes out whenever they want and puff!

2.       Noob vapers don’t need to fret about vaping technicalities

Unlike vape kits, where users need to understand how to assemble the vape mod and fuel tank, inject the e-juice, and clean the coil as and when required, noob vapers need no technical expertise to operate a disposable vape pen.

Disposables come pre-assembled, and there’s no question of having to service anything or refill e-juice. Therefore, new users can easily vape without worry!

3.       Disposable vapes are fairly cost-effective in Maryland

Disposable vapes can cost as little as $10. Thus, vapers don’t need to empty their pockets and bank accounts to purchase one. You can check out some of them at Best E-Shisha.

Consumers can browse through an online shop, walk into a smoke store of their preference, and scour the range of disposables on offer. Having done that, they can select one they like based on how many puffs the product offers and the flavor quality.

4.       Disposable vapes are a new smoking cessation tool

Maryland is one of the largest smoking states in the country, with about 12.6% of the adult population being regular smokers.

So, after realizing the convenience of using disposables and the fact that there’s no combustion of tobacco, more cigarette smokers are turning to disposable vapes as a reliable smoking cessation tool.
There is also a decent amount of research showing the effectiveness of vapes, in general, as smoking cessation tools. So, this significantly contributes to the rising demand for disposables in Maryland.

5.       Disposable vapes offer a large range of flavors

A simple fact is that disposable vapes offer a massive collection of flavors. Whether one wishes to indulge in fruity tastes or alcoholic notes, disposable vapes have the perfect flavor.

Even for newbies, the pleasant flavors are an important reason to start vaping.

6.       Maryland does not restrict vaping indoors

While the law may not seem like a prominent or compelling reason for the increase in vaping in Maryland, it certainly functions as one.

The law states that cigarettes cannot be smoked indoors, but no such restriction is applied to e-cigarettes. Therefore, habitual smokers who prefer to continue smoking even indoors can whip a vape out of their pocket and mimic an action identical to smoking.

End Thoughts

Disposable vapes are indeed very convenient and safe to use. And, compared to smoking, Maryland will undoubtedly benefit from the increase in the sale of disposable vapes.
The shift to vapes from cigarettes is bound to help long-term smokers engage in a safer and healthier habit with a significantly lesser risk of cancer!

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