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What is a Smart TV, And How to Use It?

Smart TV

Smart TVAlmost all modern televisions can access the Internet, even if they are used only to watch terrestrial TV channels. But what are they capable of, and how do you use this potential?

We tell you what Smart TV is, how different operating systems differ, and what they can do. You can even play the best 3 patti game online on some TVs and other gambling entertainment – isn’t that the future?

What is Smart TV, or what features to expect

Many people wonder: what is a smart TV? Indeed, many TVs now have a corresponding prefix, meaning a slightly different class of device. Unlike regular TVs, smart TVs have additional features comparable to a smartphone or computer.

First and foremost, answer the question we want to ask: it’s a TV with an Internet connection. When the TV connects to the network by itself, rather than just acting as a screen for other smart devices, it reduces the number of remote controls. As a result, it makes it easier to watch movies and TV shows.

The smart TV in your TV adds the functions of a computer and media player. In addition to playing files from a flash drive or other physical media, intelligent TVs connect to the Internet and allow you to visit websites and view content from there – for example, YouTube.

Also, the criterion of “smartness” is a large number of available applications, with which it becomes even more convenient to use different services. So, for example, if the site’s YouTube interface is not very convenient to control with the remote control, a particular application for android tv to watch videos will be most comfortable.

But suppose we talk about how smart TV differs from the usual. In that case, we can not forget the work of terrestrial television. But, thanks to the built-in and downloadable applications (depending on the TV model) coming on the air, you can record the program, rewind, and even rewatch past releases from the archive. However, the latter is found only in particular services that broadcast over the Internet.

It is worth noting that not all modern televisions can show what smart TV can do. As already mentioned, in many ways, smart TV differs from regular TV by the ability to connect to the Internet and install applications. In addition, if the TV can play files from a flash drive, this does not make it bright, although it is a valuable feature.

Benefits of Smart TV

This whole set of features ultimately leads to several benefits that smart TVs benefit from. Here are just a few examples of what smart TV offers:

  • Freedom of choice. Watch what you want and when you want. With the ability to install third-party apps, visit websites and play files from external devices on a smart TV, you can watch anything you want at any time. You will not have to check the TV program and wait for a particular time when the desired movie or program will be shown – in the worst case, and you will need to download content from a third-party source.
  • Films and shows without commercials. Unlike traditional over-the-air broadcasting, you can watch programs and movies without advertising with a smart TV. It is possible thanks to the TV archive function. And if you play movies yourself from a flash drive or online services or sites, there may be no advertising.
  • Convenient management. As has already been said, many benefits release special applications for TVs on Android designed for remote control. It is another good answer to the question “what gives a smart TV in the TV” – control playback and a TV with one remote is much more convenient than buying and using a separate TV set-top box with its remote.
  • High-quality picture and sound. If you need to explain quickly to a person what a smart TV is, you can say two words: convenience and quality. Suppose we have already mentioned the comfort of using smart TVs. In that case, it is impossible not to note the quality you can get when watching. Suppose there is no possibility of downloading content on your own. In that case, you can always get it from subscription services and other applications. This point becomes especially important for owners of high-quality TVs like the Haier 55 Smart TV, which have a QLED matrix with excellent color reproduction and 4K resolution.

Operating systems used in TVs with Smart TV

Most often, there are three types of operating systems installed on smart TVs. They all have their advantages that differentiate a particular OS from the competition. But if you choose a TV by screen quality, in some cases, you will have to accept that many manufacturers put only the proprietary operating system on their devices.


Let’s start with the Tizen OS. It can be found only on Samsung TVs because the Korean giant is developing the operating system. Its main advantages are the stability of operation, user-friendly interface, and many pre-installed applications, which allows you to start watching your favorite shows and movies immediately after purchase. In addition, the interface of Tizen will be easy to master for users of any category and with any skills to manage technology: the main menu is a strip at the bottom with icons of installed applications, so it is easy to navigate there.


Another popular OS for smart TVs is webOS, which can be found in TVs from LG. Externally it also resembles Tizen, but each item is provided with a tooltip so that anyone can control the TV.

A distinctive feature of the system is that it can run multiple applications simultaneously. So, for example, you can turn on a game and at the same time watch broadcast TV in the adjacent window. Indeed, this use will only be possible on TVs with a powerful processor.

From the disadvantages, we can note a small number of entertainment applications, especially games. But all the programs on the platform work well.


But the most popular OS for TVs, undoubtedly, is familiar to everyone, Android. And you can find it in top models from Sony and budget models like Xiaomi, which, nevertheless, please the image quality and provided functionality.

Despite its prevalence, android TV has several drawbacks. For example, televisions with this OS often lose to competitors in terms of speed because the system is not so well optimized for a particular device. It should also be noted that the interface can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, as many integrate their features into the operating system.

In other respects, TVs with this operating system are no different from intelligent devices from other companies and perform all the same functions, allowing you to comfortably and in high quality watch any series and movies.

What is a virtual assistant, and how to use it?

A virtual assistant, also sometimes referred to as a virtual assistant, is a unique program that processes your requests based on what is known about you. For example, the program considers the user’s preferences, location, and previous requests when searching for information.

Virtual assistants are already firmly integrated into our lives. In the case of Smart TVs, they significantly simplify the viewing of content. For example, an assistant can search for a movie or TV series without doing it yourself.

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