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Playing Poker At A Maryland Casino This Weekend? Here Are A Few Etiquette Tips To Keep In Mind

| August 10, 2022, 08:00 AM

It seems like 2022 is a good year for casinos and casino goers. Maryland’s combined revenue from our six casinos was up $162,745,300 last June, with local favorite MGM contributing $68,410,674. With the casino culture as lively as ever, you might be tempted to head out and have a go at the felt! However, we all could use a refresher because playing poker in a casino is a vastly different experience compared to playing poker at home, in a bar, or even online. To make sure your first trip back is a pleasant one, here are a few reminders:

Don’t Angle Shoot

Angle shooting is when a player makes an intentional, unethical move to take advantage of players or a situation at the table. Not sure if you’re doing it? Here are a few examples:

  • Peeking at another player’s hole cards
  • Intentionally acting out of turn
  • Hiding your high-value chips and creating an illusion of a shorter stack
  • Pretending to “call” just to see the reaction of your opponent
  • Saying “raise” but only putting chips for calling, knowing that you’ll be forced to raise by the dealer, and trying to give an illusion that you don’t have a strong hand
  • Stating that you have a winning hand at a showdown but not having it

Don’t Waste People’s Time

Pay attention when it’s your turn. Do not take too much time over simple decisions like raising or folding. Save that for when you’re in the big pot or have a genuinely tough decision. There’s no need to pretend you’re thinking about your decision just to build up your image. The same goes for calling the clock on your opponents when there’s no need to.

Respect Other Players

You’re most likely going to spend at least a few hours with the same people, so having fun and making everyone feel welcome is just common courtesy. If that is not enough to convince you, it’s proven that people go easier on someone they like. A study showed that a good hand only won 12 percent of the time and less than a third of hands went to showdown – players were skillful (or maybe respectful) enough to persuade others to fold prior to the end of the hand. It pays to be nice, quite literally!

Respect The Dealer

This important etiquette, sadly, is the most overlooked. The dealers do the hard job of keeping on top of each game and are often at the receiving end of abuse from rude players. No matter how experienced a dealer is, they do make mistakes from time to time. Instead of giving them a hard time, politely explain the situation and ask them to fix it. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, you can always call the floorman and explain the situation. If you’re happy with the service, leave a tip. Set aside 5 to 10% of your bankroll for tips. It’s simply polite and a quick way to express your gratitude to the people who make sure your visit to the casino is as enjoyable as it can be.

For more of the latest Maryland poker and casino news, check out the latest articles from our website.

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About the Author - Stephanie Maris

Stefanie is a local blogger and social media content marketer from Maryland and most recently a wife and a mother. She has an unhealthy obsession with puns, sarcasm and caffeinated beverages.

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