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Online Sweepstake Casinos are Attracting Traditional Sweepstake Players

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Online GamblingOnline sweepstakes casinos, have been growing in popularity and attracting new players. Different people from various backgrounds are enjoying the games at sweepstake casinos. Some of those are moving from playing traditional sweepstakes to playing online sweepstake casino games. What is it about the sweepstake casinos that are attracting traditional sweepstake players?

What are Traditional Sweepstakes?

Before we look more closely at sweepstake casinos and why people are turning to them for entertainment, we must understand how traditional sweepstakes work. Online sweepstakes are a type of promotion where it is possible to win prizes by entering free of charge. To be defined as a sweepstake, the competition must offer a prize of value, whether it be cash or a physical/digital product. The sweepstake winners must be chosen randomly, and anyone can enter without having to spend any money to make the entry.

The games are completely based on luck as the draw for the winner is random, and there is nothing players can do to improve their chances of winning. Online businesses run sweepstake competitions to boost the number of people engaging with their brand.

What are Sweepstake Casinos?

Sweepstake casinos offer a free to play model where players do not have to spend any money to play the games. There is the opportunity to buy sweep coins for real money but you cannot play the casino games at a sweepstake casino using real money. Many online sweepstakes casinos will give users coins for free and these can be used to play games. Some sweepstake casinos will allow you to exchange coins for real money when you have finished playing.

Much like traditional sweepstakes, it is possible to win real money when playing online sweepstake casino games but the virtual currency must be exchanged for real money. It is not possible to win real money instantly when playing the games at sweepstake casinos, like it is when playing at traditional online casinos. For many people, sweepstake casinos are more about having fun then winning money. Community spirit and having fun with friends is the basis of sweepstake casinos.

Sweepstake casinos follow a similar path to social casinos, which have also seen a boom in popularity over the last few years. With a rise in social media users, social casinos have also grown in popularity too.

The Attraction of Sweepstake Casinos

For those who enjoy playing traditional sweepstakes, it is easy to see the attraction of sweepstake casinos. You can play the games for free and never have to use any of your own funds. Even if you decide to use only the free coins handed to you by the sweepstakes casino when you join, there is still a possibility you can claim real money but only by exchanging the coins when you have finished playing.

The next time you sign into the sweepstakes casino, you will not have any virtual currency remaining to play games if you choose to exchange it for prizes. The free to play model of sweepstake casinos is what makes them so attractive to those who like playing traditional sweepstakes.

There are several highly recommended online sweepstake casinos. This Fortune Coins casino review highlights one of the top sweepstake casinos, and this casino does not require any payment to start playing games. They offer a great welcome bonus, and again, you do not have to make a deposit to receive the bonus. This is perfect for those coming from traditional sweepstakes because it means you can play the games at Fortune Coins for free, like entering a traditional sweepstakes competition.

Due to operating using a similar model, it is easy to see why online sweepstake casinos are attracting traditional sweepstake players. Both provide the opportunity to play without spending anything, yet there is a chance to win prizes.

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