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Does Marijuana Boost Your Ability To Code?

| August 16, 2022, 08:00 AM

With the different legalization movements, weed is taking the world by storm in various fields. It’s no surprise it’s made its way to tech, and some programmers love coding while using.

The new study, Hashing It Out: A Survey of Programmers’ Cannabis Usage, Perception, and Motivation, analyzes marijuana use in software engineering.

35% admit to having used weed at least once while programming.

Let’s explore the findings that answer three crucial questions; how often, when, and why do programmers use cannabis? Find out the different perceptions surrounding this phenomenon and how it relates to company drug policies.

We’ve got you covered if you’re interested in working while using weed from feminized cannabis seeds. Discover a few tips to help you know how to start.

How Often and When Do Programmers Use Cannabis?

The researchers sourced 440 programmers from GitHub, 339 from the University of Michigan, and 24 from social media.

They found out that men are more likely to use it than women. The chances are even higher for transgender or non-binary individuals.

The 35% who’ve used marijuana for programming-related activities account for 208 participants. For 53%, indulging at least once a month is a given, while it’s almost daily for 11%.

Here’s a breakdown of when they get high, something that happens significantly often for remote workers:

Project Type Number Percentage
Personal programming projects 175 63
Non-urgent programming tasks 133 48
Work-related programming tasks 95 34
School-related programming tasks 76 27
Deadline-critical programming tasks 25 9

The study finds that active coders like using cannabis while performing specific software engineering tasks. The top two were brainstorming and prototyping; more creative and open-ended projects.

On the other hand, programmers were least likely to indulge during time-sensitive and safety-critical duties like quality assurance and imminent deadlines.

Motivation: Why Programmers Use Cannabis

The researchers dug deeper and examined the different reasons behind partaking in marijuana. They mostly fall under two categories; enjoyment and programming enhancement. The top five motivations include:

  1. To make it more enjoyable (60.9%)
  2. To come up with more inventive solutions (52.7%)
  3. To activate a programming zone (48.2)
  4. To make the tasks less tiresome (42.4%)
  5. To improve brainstorming (39.5%)

Very few attributed the habit to wellness reasons. The weed-induced zen mode may help break down complex aspects into beautiful, simple code.

Perceptions of Cannabis Use While Programming

The research reveals a generally favorable outlook among programmers, whether they indulge. It includes students and professionals. Managers also seem more tolerant of it than expected, and few complain about reduced productivity.

“…91% of our participants say that marijuana use should be legal for both recreational and medicinal use compared to 60% of the general United States population in 2021…”

Whether the 35% are wrong or right for coding while using is subjective; theirs is undoubtedly a positive perception, though.

There’s a massive mismatch between the country’s perception and the reality of the matter. The study calls for deliberations on comprehensive anti-cannabis policies.

Implications for Corporate Anti-drug Policies

Despite programmers’ optimistic views about marijuana use, the industry’s many anti-drug policies and tests are rigid. 29% of the participants report undergoing one for a job.

It interferes with talent acquisition since many experts indulge, disqualifying them from suitable employment. The study even gives examples of the FBI’s struggle to find good hackers who don’t smoke weed.

There’s a need to revise these policies to suit the persons in the field better. Some states and municipalities recognize this and are taking steps toward it. For instance, The New York Labor Department was the first to ban marijuana screening for many jobs.

The Biden administration also declared that a history of pot use doesn’t disqualify White House staff from performing their duties.

Such a trend indicates that it’s only a matter of time before the changes become widespread.

Tips for Coding While Using Marijuana

Does weed make you creative? You’re probably wondering after the insights from this study. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing; diverse programmers have different testimonials. If you want to try it out, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Pick the right strain for you. Steer clear of heavy indica varieties that get you couch-locked for hours. Getting fast-growing weed seeds helps shorten the time between seedlings to harvest, rewarding you in much less time.
  • Organize your workspace before you use it. Don’t wait until you’re high to assemble your laptop and other materials. A messy space may also distract you. You want to avoid staring at the extra items on the desk for hours, don’t you?
  • Set goals or reminders to help improve focus. Realistic objectives keep you motivated and let you gauge the amount of work you get in. If you get off-track, periodical notifications assist by reminding you that you’re coding and why you’re doing it.
  • Pace yourself; don’t go overboard with weed since you’re new to working while using. Indulge in small amounts while paying attention to your concentration and general reaction. Add marijuana only when you’re confident you’re managing well.
  • Remember to have fun with it. It’s ganja we’re talking about here; the best experiences occur when you don’t overthink them or control every aspect. Calm anxiety or obsessive thoughts by taking a few deep breaths and focusing on the task at hand.
  • Don’t shame yourself if you’re unable to get much done. The first trials aren’t always perfect. If practice doesn’t pan out, dropping the matter and picking up where you left off without marijuana is okay.

Grab a Byte or Smoke

It’s interesting how recent the attempt to understand the relationship between weed and coding is. Cannabis has been a part of many programmers’ lives for years; the difference lies in the frequency, context, and motivations.

Stoner coders take the win, though, and hope the changes in company anti-cannabis policies soon become national.

Do you work better high? Grab a bite of some edibles or smoke top-tier weed to find out. Why not buy and grow your own cannabis seeds for quality assurance?

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