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Are There Differences Between Brands of CBD Products?

| August 03, 2022, 08:00 AM

There are many things to consider when choosing the right CBD products. From choosing between product types, dosage options, or flavor profiles, choosing which CBD products to try first is not always easy.

Typically, people focus most of their energy on comparing different types of products and ways to incorporate CBD into one’s lifestyle. Some people prefer to use topicals, allowing them to treat specific areas of the body. In contrast, other people enjoy CBD edibles and the ability to combine tasty snacks with the benefits of CBD.

However, one area that does not always get as much attention as it deserves is how products can vary from one CBD brand to another. For example, not all CBD gummies are the same and the quality can vary significantly between brands.

What are the main differences between brands to look out for when comparing CBD for sale?

Where Hemp Plants Are Sourced

All CBD products start with hemp plants, making this one of the most important things to consider when choosing a product.

Every brand will source its hemp plants from somewhere different. Some brands prefer to work closely with just one hemp farm, ensuring that all the plants are grown in a particular way and that every single product is made from a single source.

Other brands source their plants from several different farms or regularly change the location their plants are coming from.

Single source CBD products are generally considered to deliver a better quality final product and more reliable effects, as it is much easier to determine their exact cannabinoid content.

Certain areas of the world are known for producing the best quality hemp plants due to climate and soil properties. It is always worth taking the time to learn where a brand sources its hemp plants and the reason behind the chosen location.

How CBD Is Extracted from Hemp

It is not just the location hemp plants have been sourced from that is essential, but also how CBD has been extracted from them.

There are several ways to extract CBD from hemp plants, and each brand will have its own method. Each extraction method has pros and cons, and for those interested, it is a fascinating topic to learn more about. However, when buying CBD products, the main thing to pay attention to is the type of CBD that results from the extraction method used.

The two main CBD types found in supplements are full-spectrum and isolate. These two terms refer to the range of hemp plant compounds found in the final product and the level of filtration that has been used to achieve this.

Full-spectrum products retain all of the natural compounds from the hemp plants and, as a result, provide the body with not just CBD but also small quantities of many other healthy cannabinoids.

In contrast, CBD isolates only contain CBD, with all other plant matter removed. Isolate products require a different extraction process to full-spectrum and intensive filtration to ensure that all cannabinoids and terpenes have been removed.

Most CBD brands have a section on their website detailing the extraction methods they use and the types of CBD that can be found in their products.

The Quality of the Ingredients Being Used

It is not just the type and quality of the CBD within products that can differ from one brand to another. All CBD products require at least a few extra ingredients added during manufacturing, and the quality of these very much depends on the brand.

CBD gummies are an excellent example of how the ingredients used can be drastically different from one brand to another. Some brands use 100% natural ingredients and a low-sugar recipe. In comparison, others use artificial colorings and flavorings, coating gummies in sugar to give them the appearance of regular candy.

The ingredients that brands use when making CBD products can often be a good indication of the expected quality level. For example, brands that use natural ingredients whenever possible tend to deliver more satisfying products than those who opt for cheaper, less healthy ingredients.

What Quality Checks Are Being Carried out?

Another important way that products can differ between brands is in the quality checks that are carried out before products are shipped to customers.

It is considered good practice for CBD brands to use third-party lab testing to check potency, quality, and potential contaminants. How this is done will be slightly different based on the brand in question.

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