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How to Keep Your Fleet Drivers Safer on the Roads

| June 29, 2022, 06:00 PM

Driver Safety

Photo by JESHOOTS.com

Driving is a popular job these days with more and more delivery services and other types of driving positions becoming available. As online shopping only continues to boom around the world, more and more drivers are required to ensure that shoppers are getting their purchases quickly and safely. There is a huge demand for delivery and logistics businesses, and if you have or can get access to a fleet of suitable vehicles, it can be a very profitable option to consider. However, when you run this kind of business, one of the main priorities is to ensure that your drivers are kept safe on the road. Some of the main ways that you can achieve this include:

Driver Tracking

There are various devices available that you can use to track your drivers and see how well they are driving. With many collisions on the road today a direct result of driver error, tracking your drivers allows you to get a better picture of how they drive and immediately be aware of any drivers who might need further training or a conversation about their driving habits.

Predictive Technology

Installing predictive AI technology in each vehicle is another good option for keeping your drivers safer on the road. Many modern vehicles today come with technologies such as automatic braking and collision prediction to alert drivers to hazardous situations and allow them to act faster compared to relying on their instincts alone.

You can get dashboard cameras like the Nauto dash cam, which uses sensors and other technologies and can be added to any vehicle to give drivers a better chance of avoiding dangerous situations on the road. Predictive early warnings will help drivers prevent near-miss collisions and keep your fleet safe on the roads.

Regular Breaks

Mandating regular breaks for all of your drivers is important for keeping them safe. Driving for long periods of time can be tiring, so it’s a good idea to ensure that all drivers are taking a break every few hours where they bring the vehicle to a complete stop and take their eyes off the road for a while. The frequency and length of breaks will depend on the type of vehicle that the driver is operating and how long they are driving for throughout the day, but all drivers will need a break to keep them fresh and avoid collisions or errors due to poor judgment through tiredness and exhaustion.

Vehicle Safety Checks

When something goes wrong with the car, van, or truck that is being driven for work, the consequences can be disastrous. To avoid this, it’s important for your company to mandate vehicle safety checks that are performed before every driving shift. Each vehicle should be inspected for any issues with the brakes, electrics, steering, tires, and other important components to ensure that it is in good condition and safe to drive before going out on the road. Any vehicles that are found to fall below safety standards should be kept off the road until the necessary repairs can be made.

Regular Training

Like all drivers, even people who drive every day professionally can develop poor driving habits that might reduce their safety on the road. Because of this, regular refresher training can be an ideal way to keep their knowledge current and up to date, and reduce bad habits being developed. If you are using a driver tracking device in each vehicle, then you can use the data gathered from these devices to determine which areas your drivers might benefit from further training in, such as braking distances or harsh acceleration.

Shift Timing

While it might not always be possible to choose the optimum time for each driver to go out onto the road if there are deadlines to meet for deliveries, you can reduce the risk of accidents and improve driver safety by having your drivers out on the roads when they are quieter. For example, working overnight is often a better choice for drivers who are able to do so since the roads are fairly empty at this time and reduced traffic means a reduced risk of collisions. If your drivers are unable to work overnight, then timing their driving shifts outside of peak times can be a good way to bring the risk of road accidents down and keep drivers safer.

When you run a business that operates a fleet of vehicles, driver safety should be one of your top priorities.

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