March 2, 2024
Annapolis, US 50 F

Bonus Podcast: A Teenage Alcoholic, Now A Sober Poet. This is Liza Roe

Liza was like most kids-a bit introverted and probably felt out of place in many situations. And then she discovered alcohol.

Today, we speak with Liza Roe about her journey from that awkward teen to the party girl that landed her in quite a few scary situations.

We speak about her “aha” moment and her decision to change it all. Now three-plus years sober, Liza has written a fantastic book of poetry called (appropriately enough) The Sober Poet, launched a raw and real podcast (I’m a fan), and is speaking out.

We met at Rise Up Coffee for our chat–well, it was a pretty deep dive with a lot of highs and lows with a woman with an incredible story.

Have a listen!


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