December 5, 2023
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Art Between the Creeks Returns for “Resurgence” Show June 10-19

In the past 20 years, as the Eastport peninsula of Annapolis has garnered attention for its maritime roots and culture, lively events, and blossoming real estate market, one home-grown tradition has held steady and maintained its vision and loyal following: Art Between the Creeks (ABTC).

The group of Eastport artists, who all live or work “in between” Spa and Back Creeks, create non-traditional, or as they like to say, “non-Main-Street” art. In 1992, it started as a rogue show with an exhibit titled “Warehouse of the Refused,” named after French painters of the 19th Century who exhibited their works in the “Salon of the Refused.” Like them, ABTC artists—three at that time—felt that they were artists without venues, largely because their work was different from the traditional fare of local galleries. The original three artists were painters Cindy Fletcher-Holden and Simeone Coxe, and sculptor Monroe Hall.

Starting in 1992, one of the trademarks of the bi-annual ABTC shows is the “pop-up” nature of the galleries. The artists choose a location (most recently Backyard Boats), build the walls, hang the lighting, and curate and produce the entire show. A Soho-style art gallery in a boatyard? What could be more Eastport than that?

Although two of the founders have moved out of town, Fletcher-Holden, an Annapolis native who can be easily spotted around town on scaffolding or boom lifts while painting murals, still lives in, paints in, and sails out of Eastport.

An Art Between the Creeks opening reception at Backyard Boats at 222 Severn Avenue. Photo by John Bildahl
An Art Between the Creeks opening reception at Backyard Boats at 222 Severn Avenue. Photo by John Bildahl

“I thought the first Art Between the Creeks was going to be a one-night wonder!” she says. “Here we are 20 years later! I guess people have been appreciating what we do all along. I’m not totally surprised though. We do put on a great party in a cool space. It’s a great way to spend a Friday evening in Eastport, and there is, of course, awesome art by very talented artists!”

ABTC’s “Resurgence” show, its first since the pandemic lockdown, will also be its 20-year anniversary celebration. The show kicks off Friday, June 10, with an opening reception from 6-9 p.m. at Backyard Boats (222 Severn Avenue) that is free and open to the public. The gallery will be open to the public beforehand on Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. as well as on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. through June 19.

Local ABTC artists showing work will include John Bildahl, Mike Brown, Comacell Brown, Jason Duden, Cindy Fletcher-Holden, Keith Fletcher, Merrilyne Hendrickson, Channing Houston, Leonard Koscianski, Charles Lawrance, Kendyl Lawson, Lisa Masson McAteer, Michael Matthews, Sigrid Trumpy, Laurie Nolan, Eric Roberge, Matt Stone, Sandy Travis Bildahl, and Molly Winans.

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