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10 Hottest Tech Careers in 2022

| June 21, 2022, 06:00 PM

Students who major in technology degrees become qualified for a huge range of exciting and in-demand careers. You can hardly go wrong with it because the possibilities are endless. Information systems management, data analytics, software development, cybersecurity, network administration—you can start a thriving career in countless specializations.

But what job is right for you? If you want to learn more about different tech jobs to choose your major, or you already have a job but want to jump into something new and exciting, this article by an expert writer and researcher from a top research paper writing services platform is for you. Read on to discover the ten hottest jobs in tech.

1. Machine Learning Engineer
Median Annual Salary: $120,535

Machine learning engineers leverage AI technology to build algorithms that learn and make predictions. The role requires high-level analytical and research skills, as well as the ability to design, execute, and assess tests and experiments for machine learning processes. Machine learning engineers also need to have knowledge of data science, applied mathematics, computer science, and statistics.

2.Data Scientist
Median Annual Salary: $118,048

Data scientists compile and interpret large data sets. According to researchers, this is one of the most future-proof careers because businesses need data-proven insights to empower their decision-making and know the needs of their clients. To work in data science, you need to be competent in statistics, databases, programming, and machine learning.

3.Computer Research Scientist
Median Annual Salary: $117,209

With a master’s degree in computer science, you can become a research scientist and take your passion for technology to the next level. Computer research scientists work to develop innovative technology to advance and optimize processes. These can be new languages, tools, and methods that increase the efficiency of computing operations. Unlike other roles on our list, it involves more theory and elaborate tech problems.

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4.Software Developer
Median Annual Salary: $110,140

If you are interested in coding and designing software, consider a career as a software developer. You can find projects in any field you’re interested in as all businesses are in need of good software. Naturally, you have to learn a programming language to produce a clean code. Researching, upgrading existing software, and troubleshooting will also be among your responsibilities.

5.IoT Solutions Architect
Median Annual Salary: $127,454

An IoT solutions architect designs applications of IoT technology to ensure seamless communication between people, processes, and software over the internet. To become an IoT solution architect, earn a degree in IT, computer engineering, or computer science. These are some of the most challenging disciplines, but they are definitely worth it as you get future-proof skills and competencies. To make education less stressful, you can buy term paper from reliable custom writing services for students. With some academic help, you’ll master IoT, data management, and computer science in no time.

6.Data Security Analyst
Median Annual Salary: $71,226

Security is crucial in IT. Thus, the position of a data security analyst is in high demand. It concerns encryption, security protocols, firewall, and other aspects of data security. A data security analyst’s job is to perform risk assessment, address weaknesses, and enhance the security of data systems to prevent breaches. Besides, they are also responsible for developing practical security policies.

7.IT Manager
Median Annual Salary: $109,444

An IT manager’s job entails managing, assessing, and controlling IT systems. They make sure that all processes are running smoothly and meet the computing needs of the staff. They also take care of policies and procedures that concern the IT systems of the organization and ensure security and backup. The role of an IT manager requires excellent technical skills, organization, and management.

8.Network Engineer
Median Annual Salary: $84,188

All companies rely on computer networks, and network engineers are those people who design and maintain their functioning. They help users, address potential issues, and take care of network security. To become a network engineer, you need to have a degree in IT or a related field and have a good understanding of network infrastructure.

9.DevOps Engineer
Median Annual Salary: $118,624

DevOps engineers work to improve productivity and customer experience by overseeing the process of software development, from its design to implementation. The role combines competencies in both coding and engineering. A DevOps engineer needs to be able to identify problem areas and provide recommendations regarding updates. This requires a good understanding of stakeholders’ needs as well as problem-solving and collaboration skills.

10.Cloud Architect
Median Annual Salary: $132,528

The key role of this professional is to organize and manage an organization’s cloud system. This involves handling all related aspects like strategy and planning, design, storage, etc. Cloud architects regularly evaluate the state of software and hardware to make sure there are no issues. They also offer guidance to the staff and work closely with other IT professionals to ensure the security of the cloud system.


Without exceptions, each tech specialization on our list is an exciting career path. As technology is now part of all industries, you get a chance to apply your knowledge in various sectors, from commerce and business to entertainment and education. Besides, IT careers are also incredibly rewarding. They are some of the highest-paying jobs on the market. And the tech industry is only expected to grow and thrive in years to come.

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