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The Best Bargains for Every Lifestyle in Maryland

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Are you a parent in Maryland looking to save money on baby food, a local university student who would like to reduce college costs by snagging some scholarship money, a senior hunting for low-cost life insurance, or an everyday shopper who enjoys using targeted coupons? The good news is that there are bargains out there for every demographic. Online coupon sites are exploding in popularity as millions of shoppers regularly use their smartphones to save cash at the register.

Likewise, Maryland college-bound young people are discovering the wisdom of seeking grants and scholarships. Moms and dads have their own ways of cutting expenses on a whole menu of baby-related products. For older and working adults who are single, there are deals on everything from vacations and hearing aids to dating clubs and mingle cruises. Here are some of the best offers available both in Maryland and online.

Grocery Shoppers

There are three ways to score big on grocery savings. First, visit your favorite store’s website and sign up for their loyalty program. Places like Wegmans and Safeway are both good examples. Most merchants offer them, and you can usually save about five percent on online and in-store purchases with a membership card.

Next, sign up for one of the major e-coupon websites and scan for your local store’s items. Finally, consider paying a small annual fee to join a wholesale club where you can typically save between five and ten percent of grocery, household, and bath products. BJ’s Wholesale Club has a great reputation for offering everyday items in bulk sizes with affordable pricing.


In the digital age, finding grants and scholarships is easier than ever. Fortunately, there are free platforms that do most of the searching for you. After you enter basic personal data like age and intended college major, it can match you with specific financial opportunities. Be sure that you have already visited your Maryland college of choice’s website to be sure that they offer any programs or majors that you are searching for so you can be as specific and thorough as possible.

From there, you can apply for as many or as few matched offers as you like. There’s no grind of filling out endless forms, reading through scholarship offers by the hundreds, or eyeballing the fine print on grants. It does all the heavy lifting. All you do is create your profile, do an automatic search, and electronically apply for financial resources that can pay for a good chunk of college.


Maryland mothers and fathers who want to cut food bills can join loyalty clubs of their favorite merchants. But the most effective way to save is to buy in bulk. Most baby and infant products carry much higher prices for single-unit purchases. If you have the storage space at home, consider buying a month’s worth of food items for babies. Additionally, join one of the many online savings sites that are geared for young parents.

Seniors and Singles

Seniors can take advantage of money-saving tips for their specific demographic such as over-50 discounts at restaurants and many other merchant sellers’ stores. Life insurance companies now offer special rates for older adults who want final expense (funeral) policies at discounted rates. Fortunately, the entire commercial establishment has tried during the past few decades to offer special deals for older people on fixed incomes.

Unmarried people can get deep discounts on special cruises, match-making club memberships, and entertainment packages designed to gain exposure to this prized demographic. Singles tend to have more disposable income, which makes them darlings of retailers and other sellers. If you are new to Maryland this is also a great way to meet new people, do professional networking, or generate romantic relationships. If nothing else, you are bound to have some fun experiences and potentially learn a new hobby, all at a discounted rate.

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