February 26, 2024
Annapolis, US 45 F

Former Capital Editor, Rick Hutzell, Signs on with Meta’s Bulletin Platform

Rick Hutzell

Nationally recognized journalist Rick Hutzell announced that he has joined Meta Bulletin, writing Meanwhile, in Annapolis, a mix of reporting and commentary based on his 30 years covering the community.

The newsletter will provide much-needed perspective — the kind of storytelling that comes with taking the time to understand a community. Regular essays will try to make sense of the world right in front of us by exploring people, places, and ideas through the lens of a small city by the Chesapeake Bay.

“Every one of us with a cell phone has the world in our hands, with access to every flavor of information conceivable,” Hutzell wrote in his first essay. “Honestly, it’s too much. How do you make sense of it all?”

Meanwhile, in Annapolis also will have relevance beyond the city. Problems in Annapolis mirror those in other parts of the country: crime, poverty, climate change, addiction, injustice, and despair. But Annapolis also has unique examples of success, generosity, creativity, kindness, and prosperity.

“The search for solutions is universal,” Hutzell wrote. “There’s no reason it can’t start here.”

Subscriptions start at $4.99 a month, with an annual discount available. Regular features also will include online live chats with Hutzell about Annapolis.

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