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Distracted Driving: The 3 Things To Avoid Doing In Your Car

Cars have gotten increasingly safer over the years. It’s gotten to the point that we feel so safe while driving that it causes a false sense of security. This means that we often take for granted that we’ll be safe and end up doing activities while we drive that are downright dangerous.

Distracted driving is becoming a huge safety issue on the roads as too many people are busy with other things. The chances of getting into an accident are much higher now as a result. Today, we will go over several distracted driving issues that you need to avoid to stay safe on the road.

1 – Texting and driving

One of the worst things that you can do while driving is to text and drive. Texting and driving has become so prevalent that it is becoming as big a problem as drunk driving.

The problem is that when you read a text and then try to respond, it takes your eyes off of the road for up to five seconds. In those precious seconds, the car has traveled roughly 400 yards. Imagine driving 400 yards with your eyes closed and you get a sense of how dangerous it is.

In that time, you could smash into the car that has stopped in front of you, run off the road and struck a pedestrian, or swerved into oncoming traffic. All of these scenarios are nightmares yet, personal injury lawyers like Lamber Goodnow are busy with plenty of them.

The best thing to do is to shut your phone alerts off while driving so that you are not tempted to check while you’re behind the wheel. If you have an emergency text come in then take a few moments to pull off of the road to a safe area where you can read the text and reply without causing an accident.

2 – Eating and drinking

Having the time to react to an unexpected event while behind the wheel is extremely important. Cars can stop suddenly, or a turning car can cut you off. You only have a second to react in most cases to be able to avoid the accident.

When you are eating and drinking then your hands are occupied with something instead of on the wheel and ready to react. This split second that you are not ready to make a maneuver is enough to cause an accident. If you are found to have been eating while driving and couldn’t avoid the accident then you will be found partially at fault and will have to pay.

3 – Loading GPS coordinates

When you need to find an address that you are unfamiliar with, then it makes sense to use your GPS. However, it doesn’t make sense to try to load the coordinates when you are already driving.

Pullover to someplace safe to stop and then set everything up. Trying to use your GPS while driving is about the same as texting and driving.

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