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How To Choose Stylish Sunglasses Based On Face Shape


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Sunglasses are available in various categories and ranges in the market and online. You will be tired of seeing the collections when you buy one, but the collection won’t finish. However, most people buy sunglasses without considering their face shape and other important factors, and thus they end up with nothing but an oversized or small shape that looks ugly on their face.

So,  beware and know your face shape beforehand to pick the best sunglasses. Look for the perfect colors, shades, and frames to choose stylish glasses.

Determine Your Face Shape

When you buy a pair of sunglasses, you certainly make a valuable investment for your whole attire, and thus, you need to be very selective when choosing a pair of sunglasses for yourself. The shape size of sunglasses varies from one person to another; some fit someone, whereas some fit others. Therefore, make sure to choose the right size framed sunglasses for yourself.

To pick the right one, you need to know your face type first, which helps you understand your face contours, features, and angular structure in a better way.

Steps To Know Your Face Shape

To identify your face shape, you may follow the instruction:

  • Step 1: Measure the cheekbones. Stretch the tape from one side to the other cheekbone and find the measurement.
  • Step 2: Focus closely on your jawlines. Measure the jawlines of your face with the measuring tape and note down the number observed.
  • Step 3: Now, pay close attention to your fave length. As the length of the face makes all the differences. So, measure it properly from up to down the chin.

Once you are done with measurement, figure out the face type, and search for the sunglasses according to it.

Sunglasses For Round Face

The round face is the luckiest face with almost a very less angular structure, and they suit any frame or sunglasses. Though the extensive roundness may appear on the face, it looks cute when set with cat-eye sunglasses or other oversized sunglasses. For the round face, cat-eye sunglasses are best to go, as they have tapered edges on the sides of their frame, and this gives an excellent look on the lovely cheekbones.

Sunglasses For Triangular Face

Sunglasses for triangular faces are difficult to find as the triangular face shapes are thin on the upper side and wider at the bottom at the chin part. Therefore, you are required to find sunglasses that have mirror-contrast frames. This will help give you a heroic look on the upper side of your face, and the light brightened look to your bottom chin part.

Moreover, you can try sunglasses that mix both angular and round shapes, like aviator sunglasses, D- Frames, silver-toned arms, and Cat-eye sunglasses. These glasses will suit best on the triangular faces.

Sunglasses For Oblong Face

Oblong faces mostly suit best on oversized hexagonal sunglasses. Oblong faces are long and sharp, but the hairline of these faces is straight, making them look lengthy and narrow.

Round patterned frames with lenses, which match your skin tone, are best fitted for oblong faces. Furthermore, you should avoid wearing very bright color frames and small glasses, as it will not enhance your facial contours. Also, prevent the sunglass’s blind spot along with the frameless style.

Sunglasses For Heart Shaped Face

Generally, a heart-type of the face is broad at the foreheads and narrows down to the chin. This type of face primarily looks decent with winged-out frames, which are a little broader than the forehead part, creating a balanced look on the face. Lacquered half-frames with a retro touch, oval-shaped frames, or even tiger-striped shared sunglasses will work out better on heart-shaped faces. To get a snatched look, try out polarized lenses when you are at the pool or dockside.

Now that you have understood that the sunglasses which are perfect for your face type brings you into a comfort zone and shine beautifully. So, are you too excited to bring an elegant young look to your face? Try out the sunglasses given above today itself.


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