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The Various Safety Signs in Medical Facilities and What They Mean

| January 03, 2022, 06:00 PM

Caring for a loved one can be both fulfilling and challenging. Often, caregivers find themselves feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Although it is easy to find proper home care in Winnipeg, families are sometimes forced to accommodate their loved ones in medical facilities, as they are not always able to provide the best support possible. And when looking for a medical facility that can provide the support you’re looking for, there are some things you need to consider. Some might look less important than others, but in fact, are crucial to your safety and the safety of the patients. One such thing is labels.

In any hospital or medical facility, all products must be properly labeled with safety information. Areas should also be marked with labels or signs, to instruct what must be done in that area, what precautions to take, or what must be avoided. This helps to ensure that everyone working in and visiting the facility knows how to safely use and handle the products. Labels also provide important warnings about potential hazards, which can help prevent injuries. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the importance of safety signs in medical facilities.

Mandatory Signs       
Mandatory signs are perhaps the most common signs you will find in medical facilities. These types of signs are there to instruct what must be done in certain areas, which is not only for your safety, but those around you.

These signs are typically round in shape and have a white border. The background of the sign is always blue, and the picture within the sign is white. These signs provide clear instructions on what must be done. For example, some signs might say “visitors only”, while others might say “a face mask must be worn”, “keep fire door closed”, or “keep clear of this area”.

Warning Signs    
The next sign is the warning sign, and unlike mandatory signs, there are no instructions. Warning signs, as their name suggests, provide warnings that you should take into consideration. These warnings are to protect you from potential danger and should be taken note of.

Warning signs are easy to spot; they are triangular, have a yellow background color, and the picture is almost always in black. Some examples of warning signs might be “mind the step”, “beware slippery floor”, “danger 440 volts”, and more. Failing to take heed of warning signs could cause serious bodily harm.

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Prohibition Signs     
Prohibition signs are also one of the most common signs and are similar to mandatory signs in the way that they provide instructions. How they differ is that they are telling you what not to do, or instructing what is prohibited.

Prohibition signs, like warning signs, are very easy to spot; the outline is bright red and circular, the background is white, and the picture is black with a red line crossing through it. A few examples of what these signs might say are “no entry”, “no parking”, “do not operate”, “no unauthorized persons”, and more.

Safe Condition Signs
One of the most important types of signs to keep note of when entering a medical facility is the safe condition sign. Unlike the other signs on this list, safe condition signs don’t instruct what to do or provide warnings. These signs exist to keep you safe by showing you where to go for safety in the event of an emergency.

Safe condition signs are either square or rectangular, and are green, with the images and text being in white, and may sometimes contain a white border. A few examples of what these signs might say include “emergency stop”, “fire exit”, “first aid box”, “assembly point”, and more.

Fire Equipment Signs       
Another type of sign to pay attention to are the fire equipment signs. Much like the safe condition signs, these exist to provide instructions on where equipment is kept to deal with fires, which will protect not only your life but the lives of others.

These signs are usually square or rectangular, have a red background and sometimes white borders, and contain white images. A few examples of what these signs might say include “for fire use only”, “fire extinguisher”, “fire alarm call point”, and more.

Other Signs       
Finally, there are many other signs or labels that could appear in a medical facility, such as ones that warn of target organ toxicity or a carcinogen, which looks like a virus spreading through someone’s chest. Other signs, like the exclamation mark, might indicate skin sensitizers, respiratory tract irritants, irritants to the skin and eye, and more.

It is important to always practice good safety habits by paying attention to the various signs as you pass through any medical facility, not only to keep yourself safe but those around you too. Companies such as General Label Inc. play a massive role in keeping people safe by providing great printing services and meeting requirements while maintaining excellent quality.

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