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Severna Park Students Bring Awareness to Unified Sports with Bowling Nights

Severna Park High School’s (SPHS) Leadership Institute creates opportunities for students to give back to the community. Starting in the spring of 2021 Bryce Stevenson, ClayWeaver, and Colm O’Connor, came up with the idea to give back to the Unified Sports program at their school. Stevenson immediately knew what he wanted to do. After participating in the Unified Tennis program his sophomore year it was, “…the first thing that came to mind. It was seriously one of the most influential things I’ve ever done in high school.” The Unified Sports program is a program that groups students who have mental and physical disabilities together with other students to create an inclusive environment and allow for everyone to participate in sports. Severna Park’s Unified Sports program has a long history of helping others and creating an inclusive environment. Not just that, but their Unified Sports programs also have a history of winning. Between the Unified Tennis, Bowling, and Bocce teams, they have won countless state championships in the past few years. Even with the highly successful and competitive teams, getting fans to attend games was hard which is where the project aimed to add support.

After conversing with Mrs. Hendler, the director of Unified Sports at SPHS, the team set out to raise $150.00 which they have completed and exceeded by over 250%. The third and final goal was to have 25 students at the high school attend three Unified bowling matches. Not only do we hope SPHS students attend, but we also want to recruit as many members of the community to support our athletes. Severna Park held unified bowling matches on January 14th at Greenway Bowling Alley. Another night will be on February 4th at the Severna Park Lanes, and the County Championships will be at Severna Park Lanes on February 10th. Come help support Severna Park High School athletes and make sure that everyone can have a chance to succeed in athletics. 

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