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Pink Beer? Flying Dog Did It!

Maryland’s Flying Dog Brewery is coming out swinging in 2022 with the release of Super Hook Fruit Punch Sour, an amped-up imperial that looks as good as it tastes. Super Hook’s deep pink liquid, which offers high pucker and low bitterness, is on full display in new clear glass bottles wrapped in original Ralph Steadman artwork.

Super Hook marks the first line extension of the brewery’s popular Vicious Hook Fruit Punch Sour, originally released in 2020 as a Brewhouse Rarity, Flying Dog’s annual series of innovative beers developed internally by staff. Flying Dog has doubled down on Vicious Hook’s fruit punch promise to create a higher-octane sour exploding with juicy, tropical fruit flavors. Super Hook has all the delicious pucker of Vicious Hook, now with more power behind the punch at 10% ABV.

“Our team in the brewhouse had fun amping up the Vicious Hook line to create something that both looks and tastes really unique,” said Ben Clark, Brewmaster at Flying Dog Brewery. “This is a really approachable beer with an ABV you don’t often see in the kettle sour category.”

This versatile and easy to drink sour will stand out on store shelves thanks to its distinctive deep pink color. Consumers will catch a glimpse of this hue through the beer’s new clear glass bottles, a rarity in the craft beer world. Flying Dog’s R&D team and expert brewers developed special processes with innovative techniques to ensure Super Hook stays delicious in the clear glass format.

Super Hook’s optics emphasize how blurred the lines have become between beer, wine and spirits with the advent of products like seltzers, canned cocktails and flavored malt beverages. In addition to appealing to consumers who favor sour ales, currently the 3rd fastest growing craft style in the United States (according to data sourced from Information Resources, Inc.), Super Hook’s taste and style are universally appealing to consumers of these categories looking for a delicious, fun adult beverage.

“The flavor profile of Super Hook has appeal across the beverage category, but the visual intrigue of the beer is what makes it stand apart and ultimately why we were excited to launch this innovative brand,” said Ben Savage, Chief Marketing Officer at Flying Dog Brewery. “The unique presentation of pink beer in clear bottles will pop on store shelves and pique the curiosity of even the most traditional craft beer consumer.”

Plastered across the colorful bottle are two new Ralph Steadman characters that bring the beer’s one-two punch of sweet and tart to life. These visceral illustrations will be the consistent aesthetic of the Vicious Hook line, appearing on additional products to be released later this year.

Super Hook Fruit Punch Sour, launched by Flying Dog with the campaign mantra “Beer, Now in Full Color” to emphasize the vibrant and energetic brand, will be sold year-round in 6-packs of 12oz bottles and should start appearing on store shelves by mid-January. Consumers are encouraged to visit the brewery’s Beer Finder to locate inventory near them: flyingdog.com/beer-finder.

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