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How to Play Warzone Payload in Season 4

Warzone payload is a new era of the COD Warzone that allows players to enjoy something different. Unlike the regular battle royale warzone mode, Payload brings a refreshingly new pace in its gameplay. Unsurprisingly, COD fans have embraced this addition with bubbling enthusiasm.

However, since you probably don’t know what to expect, you will need some guidance. Thankfully, we have designed this article to help you to scale through Warzone payload with so much ease. Also, we recommend that you get some cod warzone cheats as they will be instrumental in your quick progress.

Tips to help you play Warzone Payload

  • Understand the gameplay first

Unlike your regular battle royale Warzone game, Payload comes with a new style to break the regular pattern. So, in Payload mode, 40 players are divided into two teams of 20 players each. One team is assigned to escort a payload across town to a certain destination. At the same time, the other team is supposed to prevent their progress.

So, depending on which team you’re on, you have to play according to your team’s objective. If you are in the escorting team, do everything possible to help your team successfully reach the destination. If you are on the opposing team, don’t hesitate to go to any lengths to stop the movement of the Payload. Also, note that you must complete the mission within a specific time.

  • Be creative with pursuing the objective.

No one will reward you if you make the highest number of kills without your team fulfilling its objective. It’s entertaining to make kills, but the kills should only help you achieve your team’s objective. So, if you are not close to the payload, then you should scout for barricades and destroy them before your team gets to it. 

If you are close to the Payload, look out for opponents and kill them. But if you’re on the defending team, you must be creative with the barriers you choose to make sure they’re effective. Save your money and use them to purchase impenetrable barriers and weapons.

  • Sniper rifles are essential.

Your typical playstyle might involve close-range combat where the dominant weapons are shotguns. But in Payload, you will face many long-range fights, making rifles just the right pick. This is because going against 20 enemies in close-range fights can get you killed easily.

It also makes it possible to clear out unsuspecting snipers a great distance away. However, your loadout should allow you to be versatile and effective in various situations. So, make sure a shotgun is within reach should an enemy surprise you.

  •  Pile up some money

The importance of cash on Verdansk can’t ever be over-emphasized. You will need the cash to get about all the necessary items you will need in the game. Some of such items include weapons, UAVs, killstreaks, and perks. So go around the map searching for loot crates that may contain some cash in them.

Some of the important perks you will need in Payload are E.O.D., Battle-hardened, and Overkill. Also, make sure you save some cash for the C58 assault rifle; it’s one weapon you will be glad you purchased as it delivers great damage and automatic fire.

  • Don’t be a solo player in a squad.

This tip is crucial, especially if you are the typical solo gamer. Warzone Payload automatically requires you to play as a team member. So, irrespective of your gaming background, you need to learn and adapt to the basics of team play.

It doesn’t matter how many kills you can make. If your team doesn’t succeed in its objective, your team’s failure automatically means you failed.


This is the first warzone addition that allows players to play the game to pursue an objective. So, it might take some time for Warzone players to adapt to the gameplay since they are used to the sporadic shooting mode of Warzone. So the best way to get used to the game is to practice and practice more.

During such practice sessions, take your time to understand the gameplay. Also, be quick to experiment and switch in different situations. Then, apply the above tips and some Warzone hacks to keep you ahead at all times.

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