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How SAP Access Controls Can Help Secure Your Data

| January 19, 2022, 08:00 AM

We are all faced with our company’s security being breached at some point or another. When this happens, you have two choices, let the hackers gain access to your entire system (security breach) or spend the time and money to protect your data (costly).

While it is easy to think that hackers can’t view your data, they don’t need access to see if they can gather any information about you. With ever-increasing technological advances, there has never been a better opportunity for hackers to find out what type of information your business holds on their customers and uncover how much potential revenue could come from stealing this data.

SAP Access Control has been designed especially to protect your company’s data. They are built into SAP systems and work day in and day out, monitoring user behavior within their system. This is known as ‘behavioral analytics.’ With behavioral analytics, the system can determine what type of activity users are carrying out, while being alerted if any suspicious behavior occurs.

What Is SAP Access Control?

SAP access control software is a set of policies and procedures used to protect sensitive data in an SAP system. It uses various techniques to identify, monitor, and stop unauthorized access in the system.

What Are The Benefits Of Using SAP Access Controls?

Organizations today are looking for ways to improve their security and protect their data. One way to do this is by using SAP access controls. SAP access controls help secure your data and can give you:

  • Less exposure to security breaches and fraud.
  • No need to purchase and maintain separate software licenses.
  • Improved compliance, internal policies can be set easily within the system.
  • Reduce IT infrastructure costs while speeding up the implementation of changes.

How Does SAP Access Control Work?

Every time someone logs into an SAP system, they are given a role. This is known as an IDM_ROLE. With this ID, users have access to certain parts of the system depending on what their role entails. If they do not have access to these areas, then changes will be blocked by the SAP access control before they are made.

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How Can You Implement These Measures?

SAP Security Controls can be implemented into your current SAP system at any time, allowing you the most effective measures to protect your company’s data. This is not a cost that needs to be incorporated and can easily and quickly be implemented by any business.

How Can SAP Access Controls Help Secure My Data?

The following are the four main areas where access controls help secure data:

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

An intrusion detection system monitors the network, application, and other IT resources for suspicious activity like Trojan horses, viruses, backdoors, spyware, and keystroke loggers. With an IDS in place, your business can prevent attacks that may break through firewalls or penetrate security policies. The IDS also includes provisioning tools that allow you to create security profiles.

Authentication Integrity Verification (AVV)

Authentication integrity verification helps ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive information on your system by verifying credentials before granting a user access.


The authorization ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data within your system. Even if your IDS has failed to warn you of an attack, authorization will prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information.


Auditing is a must-have for compliance purposes and helps prove the effectiveness of your security policies. By auditing activity across all levels of your IT infrastructure, you can maintain a record of what’s been accessed, who accessed it, and when they did it. This provides valuable information if there is ever a security breach or problem, making it easier to create new solutions to protect your company’s data.

Final Thoughts

Access controls allow organizations to keep their internal policies up-to-date with real-time changes and reduce costs through more streamlined and accurate implementations. They also help protect your company’s data by preventing unauthorized access and allowing you to provide proof of how your security policies are being implemented.

SAP Access Controls make it easier for organizations to work smarter by streamlining business processes while sharing resources across the entire organization. By providing a proactive approach to access controls within SAP, companies can more easily prevent unauthorized users from accessing their sensitive information and implement real-time changes that meet internal policies quickly and accurately.

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