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Escape From Tarkov: 5 Tips On How To Survive Your First Raid

Hiding behind a tree in the middle of nowhere, staring at a magazine full of unknown ammunition. Voices reverberate across the room, and no one knows who is a possible friend or foe. The yells become louder and louder as time passes. Trying desperately to find an extract to get out, suddenly it’s all over in a second. Before everything goes black, there’s only a volley of bullets. Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter widely regarded as one of the cruelest on the market today.

Tarkov’s gameplay is divided into Raids, in which players travel through one of seven playable maps. Players will loot the area while fighting other players and computer-controlled foes in a raid to find the extraction point and survive. More than a keen eye and quick reactions are required to stay long enough to return to the hiding. Knowledge of the best escape from Tarkov cheats is the most critical asset in Escape from Tarkov for survival.

5 Tips to Survive your first raid in escape from Tarkov

1. Recognize Your Ammunition

Nothing is more vital to a Private Military Contractors’ loadout than the ammo quality. Penetration Power and Damage are the two most essential metrics. The bullet’s Penetration Power, which varies from 1 to 88, decides what Armor Class it can penetrate. The higher the Penetration Power, the more likely a bullet will go through higher-rated armor.

The amount of harm a bullet will cause to a target’s body is damaged. Using ammo with a high Penetration Power gives you a better chance of penetrating your opponent’s armor and inflicting damage. Because most armor will not penetrate high-damage ammo, you’ll want to go for any location without armor with high-damage gunfire.

2. It’s Important to Have Armor

Understanding how armor works in Tarkov, from Armor Class ratings to materials, might be perplexing. When it comes to armor, there are three significant issues to consider. The grade of ammunition it can resist is determined by its Armor Class, which runs from 1 to 6. Durability refers to how much damage an armor can take before becoming worthless and no longer providing protection.

An armor Repair Rate is harder to calculate because there is no method to do so without trial and error in the game. The material used to make the armor determines the Repair Rate. With a higher Repair Rate, each repair yields increased Durability. Polyethylene and Armored Steel are the two most excellent materials for making armor. The higher the number, the better the armor in every scenario.

3. The Most Effective Treatment

A player’s PMC might suffer from various diseases, ranging from shattered limbs to massive bleeding. It’s critical to understand how each medication works and what it treats. Each medical item comes with a detailed description that includes what it heals, how long it takes to heal, and how many times it may be used. 

A variety of medications can treat a player’s PMC, but the Grizzly First Aid Kit and Surv12 Field Surgical Kit are the most successful. This combination of drugs will ensure that damage is repaired in a raid. They are slower than other medical items, but they heal the most significant damage, have more uses than other medications, and treat any de-buff condition.

4. Learn How To Read Maps

Knowing all the maps, points of interest, Scav spawn spots, and map extracts is map knowledge. Offline mode can be enabled for any of the seven maps, allowing users to study the maps without the presence of other players. The Labs map requires a Lab’s keycard, although the keycard is returned at the end of the offline raid. 

Most new gamers aren’t used to seeing the topographical maps purchased from the Therapist. Using a second monitor is recommended instead. Returning to the official wiki, locate the required map as a reference. Explore the maps in offline mode to learn about each extraction location and building. The ability to enable Scav spawns for an offline raid will aid in learning where they spawn.

5. Inventory Control

Because it’s so important to keep an eye on your surroundings, checking inventory can become a dangerous maneuver in and of itself. A menu allows players to inspect their merchandise, including how much ammo they have left, but switching to it should only be done if the situation is as safe as it can be in Escape From Tarkov.

Alternatively, it’s good for new players to look over the various hotkeys and assign the ones they think they’ll use. One of these is a function to check the amount of ammo left in the equipped weapon, which can be done without moving to the inventory and takes a few seconds.


There’s a lot to remember about Escape from Tarkov, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Surviving raids is the first step toward mastering this tremendously tricky game. Surviving raids means more materials and money, making it easier to survive and thrive in this challenging world. You might have a shot to make it through the round with a bit of practice.

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