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UFC Betting Tips

UFC Betting Tips

 UFC Betting Tips

While boxing still takes the number one spot, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is very close to being the biggest, most popular combat sport in the world. It is followed by a massive global audience, who enjoy MMA, watching fights, and betting on their favorite fighters.

However, if you are new to the world of UFC betting, we have come up with some tips for you to follow. They will help you better understand UFC betting and allow you to make the most of your UFC bets.

UFC Betting Tips

Here are some of our top UFC betting tips.

Bet Smart

This is a fairly obvious one, but betting smart is not just limited to UFC and is important for any type of sports betting. You want to bet on outcomes where you can be fairly certain that there is money to be made. Smart betting means betting for value and avoiding irrational bets.

For UFC, it often means looking for lesser-known fights that usually tend to have attractive betting odds due to lack of information, giving you a great value on bets. This typically happens because bookmakers don’t always have sufficient knowledge or information on the fighters to produce realistic odds.

If you know enough about prelims and their fighters, you will be surprised at the betting value on offer and the money there is to be made on these fights. There are a few things you should look out for when searching for valuable betting options.

For instance, look for fights with undefeated fighters. Their opponents typically offer excellent, overvalued odds because they are fighting the favorite (undefeated fighter) to win. If you feel the opponent is capable of defeating this fighter, there is great value in betting on them.

Similarly, prelims offer more knockouts, which means that if there is enough data to support a knockout, submission, or doctor stoppage in a particular fight, betting on it to end inside the distance can offer incredible value.

Moreover, MMA is a field where the underdog holds more value than the favorite. Recent data suggests that you are more likely to have an overall greater profit if your bet on MMA underdogs than favorites since 2013.

Avoid Kneejerk Reactions

Upsets are very common in UFC due to the volatility of MMA fighting. This leads many bettors to reassess their tested and proven UFC betting strategies when they lose a few bets. This is something you want to avoid.

If you have found an approach that works well, don’t allow a few upsets or lost bets to reshape your entire betting strategy. There are plenty of unexpected outcomes in UFC all the time, which is part of its attraction. You never know when the next knockout, draw, or no-contest will result in a loss.

If things are not going your way, instead of changing a proven strategy, try holding out on betting for a while. There will always be another fight to bet on and if you can’t find value in fights or on markets, avoid placing bets for a change.

There are over 10 fights in any UFC event with 5 on the main card, and a smart bettor will always isolate 3 or 4 fights that offer them the highest betting value. This is a much safer and profitable strategy than betting on all the fights and losing half or more of them.

If you lose a few consecutive bets, it is always better to maintain your composure, trust your strategy, and avoid kneejerk reactions like changing strategies or going big on a single bet to compensate for your losses.

Maintain Your Own Data

Bettors see data as the cornerstone for creating successful strategies, and they have all sorts of ideas on how to use it. If you think there are certain aspects of UFC fights that result in desired outcomes, you need data to test this hypothesis.

While you may find relevant data online, it is always recommended to maintain your own data that caters to your particular queries and categories. Collecting data for each event will allow you to check how often your markers are correct and how well your strategy works.

Naturally, you have to make sure that your data categories and hypothesis are capable of generating profits for your investments. A basic example would be to maintain a log of outcomes, rematch winners, big reach differences, and upsets.

The more detailed and accurate your data is, the more patterns and trends you will be able to identify from your dataset. However, it is important that you understand what you wish to distinguish from your data before you start collecting it, which is why creating a hypothesis and subsequent categories is important.


More than anything, you must watch UFC fights before you can start betting on UFC. Bettors typically get caught up in statistics and forget the importance of watching fights. Statistics do not reveal the whole picture about outcomes, especially when it comes to something as volatile as MMA fighting.

There are plenty of things like cardio, range control, and chin that statistics cannot always represent. This is why it is important to watch fights to determine important factors other than the ones you get from statistics and data.

It helps to remember to enjoy the sport, gamble responsibly, and just have fun.

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