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How Much Time Do Students Spend to Get Ready for College in the Morning 

| December 21, 2021, 08:00 AM

wake upFor some young people getting ready for studies in the morning may seem a nightmare if they don’t prepare thoroughly and neglect their morning routine activities, enabling them to feel full of energy for the rest of the day. How can students manage this routine to achieve better results? While no two students are alike, there are some common things that most young people do in the morning to stay active and be motivated to have a productive day.

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Typical Students’ Morning Routine

Everyone has their own morning routines. However, if you are a student and need to be ready for college on time, you have to do things quickly, following some simple strategies to make it a productive day at college. It can be the biggest challenge, especially when constantly worrying about exams, jobs, or relationships. In addition, many students try to maintain their social life apart from studies, which requires more time and energy. Here is a typical morning routine young people tend to have to be organized and productive.

When an alarm clock goes off

What is the first thing most people do when they hear an alarm sound on the phone? Probably, they hit the bathroom to make sure the eyes are open, and they can see what’s going on around them. Most young people spend from five to fifteen minutes on average in the bathroom to wash their faces or get a quick shower, making them feel awake as soon as possible. Going straight to the bathroom is a great chance to wipe the sleep out of the eyes. Some people need to spend more time there in order to get used to the light and clear their thoughts for a minute. Thus, they may think over their plans for the day and make sure that everything is ready for the day in college. It’s important to clear things out, especially when such issues were not considered from the previous day.

Making some tea or coffee

Some people can’t wake up without having a cup of tea or coffee, especially if you are a student and spend all night with the books, trying to learn new material for your classes. In this case, students prefer to devote a little more time to their coffee routine. Five to ten minutes is required to make themselves awake and start thinking clearly. While drinking a favorite drink, some young people prefer to chat on social media, running the risk of being late for classes. Those who take things under control and drink their coffee quickly can go to the next stage of morning preparations.

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It’s time to get dressed

It may take from seconds to several minutes to get dressed as some young people tend to prepare beforehand and decide what they will wear the night before. However, there are situations when studying late at night makes them forget about it. When this happens, you need to spend more time picking out appropriate outfits. Choosing clothes on impulse when there are only several minutes left for preparations can cause some stress. That’s why many students prefer to save time and deal with it in advance.

Making a bed can be an option

Such a routine can take seconds to deal with. Some young people avoid this as they don’t want to waste their time on “meaningless” things. However, some people feel good for making their beds in the morning because when they come home at the end of the day so tired, all they can do is flop into a well-made bed and fall asleep comfortably.

Breakfast time

Even though many would start their day with a cup of coffee, breakfast is still important to keep yourself energized and full until lunch. When young people take care of their coffee ritual as soon as they get out of bed, they can deal with breakfast preparations at the same time or while drinking their coffee. Then, with a cup in one hand, they can start making some light breakfast with another. It can include toast with butter, an egg, yogurt, an energy bar, or anything that takes little time to cook. The Protein-and-carb combo is the best choice for those who want to make it fast and nourishing.

And then, you are ready to tackle the day!

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