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5 Tips For Improving At Online Multiplayer Games

| December 23, 2021, 06:00 PM

Multiplayer gamingImproving your gaming skills is a great idea because having that sour reaction from a teammate after another failure is terrible. Well, every pro-gamer you admire out there once had that experience. So, this article will provide 5 pro tips to help you improve your online multiplayer games.

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Increase Your Practice hours

“Practice makes perfect” is a common saying you must have heard several times. It also applies in gaming as well as other real-life situations. Moreover, constant and consistent practice creates skill in any field. So a good way to improve in any given skill is by spending more time practicing with set goals.

Every highly competitive multiplayer game out there has its unique mechanics. And to become good at the game, you have to deliberately learn and master those mechanics. A great way to approach this is by concentrating on one mechanic at a time. Focusing on one mechanic at a time not only helps you measure progress, but also makes the growth faster.

Thankfully, many video games feature practice arenas and single-player modes. Also, most games allow you to choose between human and AI opponents. Prolonged hours of practice help you develop muscle memory and make some movements without thinking about it. This helps you to make just the right amount of movement, instinctively.

Practice Alongside Superiors

It can be fun to constantly beat opponents for some people, while it may result in boredom for others. This gradually makes them lose interest in the game and may end up completely stopping to practice.

To witness a sudden boost in your gaming skills, consistently playing with superior gamers is very important. Not only do you learn to think like them, but you also learn from their years of gaming experience. After a little while, you’ll naturally imitate their play, making you attain a skill level than you’ve ever had.

If you’re trying to get better at a game and you find yourself always best, it means you are not growing. It also means that you’re practicing with the wrong set of people. This is because, constant success breeds over-confidence, blocking out any room for deliberate growth.

Learn From Veterans

The vast wealth of knowledge pros are entitled to can never be gained from reading articles online. You have to watch them do it their own way. Thankfully, several platforms can help you access them, including Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and sometimes Instagram.

Watching professional gamers during gaming sessions makes you tend to think and play like them. But one mistake most beginners do is, just sitting and deriving fun from watching the pros make ‘those big moves’. The essence of watching them play is so that you can see some practices they do and some they avoid. In some cases, learn the reason behind their actions.

It is okay if you cannot reproduce everything you watch on screen. But just being able to replicate even a bit of what an expert does on-screen exponentially boosts your skill. And I bet every team will want you on their side.

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Keep Your Psychological State Up

True success comes when you remove every obstacle, including the psychological and physical barriers, between you and your gaming skill goals. Being in control of your psychological state may sound far-fetched but it affects your overall gaming performance. This is a very important factor as the result of failure can be very demoralizing especially if you are the cause.

If you choose to play games when you are depressed or stressed out, your team will suffer your ineffectiveness. Their reactions towards you can eventually worsen your previous state. Games can be a very good escape in solo or practice modes, but not in multiplayer games.

Learn Cooperation

If you want to be successful in multiplayer games, cooperation is a virtue you must learn to imbibe. This is because you will be playing mostly as a member of a team alongside other team members. While you may want to do some other in-game activities, the team’s objective should always come first.

This can be a very difficult task initially, especially if you’re the typical solo gamer. So we recommend that you get to familiarize yourself a bit with each other’s gaming background, including successes, failures, etc. With this done properly, you will learn teamwork- which is an important attribute even in our everyday lives.


The tips listed above will make you witness an upward spike in your skill level, and also become everyone’s dream teammate. So take your time to learn and master the tips patiently. Talking about patience, you won’t master those tips overnight, so you’ll need it.

Also, never forget that consistent practice is a key to getting all the above tips right. So, take your time, set realistic goals, and gradually achieve them.

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