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Tips to Use Your Smartphone to Improve Workplace Productivity

It’s a sad truth that most smartphone owners make little use of the tremendous processing power and storage capacity that today’s modern mobile devices offer. The tech we hold in our hands daily is more powerful than the computers that took man to the moon and were designed to do so much more than just messaging or watching cat videos.

Today’s phones have successfully usurped huge swathes of the tech we used to rely on daily – everything from GPS navigation devices to music players, cameras, video cameras and alarm clocks – yet many people simply don’t use the immense power of our handhelds.

In particular, your phone can be tremendously useful when it comes to improving your productivity at work – a side of mobile computing that is often overlooked by users. Below are just a few ways you could start putting your phone to better use and unleash more of its potential.

Improve time management by using your phone to plan your day

When you’re working, it’s all too easy to become engrossed in a particular aspect of your job or become distracted by other less important duties. However, if you use your phone organizer to plan your day, you can set a schedule of the tasks you need to complete that day – plus assign a reasonable time to each.

Access your company’s cloud services from your phone

If your company has already invested in cloud computing, then you should be able to access core services from your phone. If in doubt, speak to your IT department or another expert (for example, a technician with Google Cloud certification) to find out the best way to dial into your firm’s cloud data and apps and start working remotely from your phone.

Use visual voicemail to save time

iPhone owners will already be familiar with the benefits of using visual voicemail to save having to dial into voicemail services – but if you’re on Android, you should download and install an app from Google Play that does the same.

Put your phone into Do Not Disturb mode

The last two tips are more preventative methods to reduce distraction but will still result in higher productivity. If you find you’re constantly losing hours of your day being distracted by calls, emails, messages and other notifications, try putting your phone into Do Not Disturb mode to silence the beeps and alerts and help keep you focused.

Delete or limit access to the apps that drain most of your time

As mentioned at the top of this article, we’re all victims of wasting time on our phones on relatively pointless or frivolous apps that could be stealing your time and preventing you from working more productively. Take a look at your phone use stats to isolate the culprits then either limit how much time you can spend on them or delete them altogether. The usual suspects will likely feature high up the list (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), but you might be surprised just how much time you currently spend glued to these (and other) apps.

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