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Step-By-Step Instructions To Select the Ideal Doll to Give as a Gift


DollsBefore long it will be here–Christmas Day! But giving the proper gift tends to confound most people. Especially when buying for a child. Of course, you can purchase one of the many toys advertised on television or online, but that likely may not have the meaning you want to convey.  For a child, why not consider a doll?

As you start to look, you will realize that buying a doll is not that simple. There are questions about quality, size, and features that must be answered to get the best gift possible.  What sort of doll do you like? A squishy toy like a genuine real rose bear or something more human-like? Who knew it could be that complicated?

A lengthy manual could be compiled on doll selection, but let’s focus on two areas for now, and the assumption you are going for a human-like doll.

Eye Type

Presently, there are three kinds of eyes for dolls. The open eyes, the shut eyes, and the dozing eyes (which close when the doll is laid flat). If you know a preference, purchase that. However, if a preference is not known, the best bet is to opt for the open eyes

Skin Tone

Skin tone is another major deciding point when selecting a doll.  Without much trouble, you can find Caucasion, Asian, African American, or African toned dolls. If there is a preference that you are aware of, by all means select that. When in doubt, select the tone that more closely matches the skin tone of the recipient.

As you can see, a doll is not as simple of a purchase as you might imagine. Inventories are reduced at many stores so your choices may be slim. Another alternative is to shop online; but you also need to make sure that you purchase from a reputable source. If yougo that route, we suggest DHgate.

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