February 26, 2024
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Millersville-based CTS: Communicating in a Post COVID World

When the pandemic arrived, everything changed overnight.  Where we worked and how we communicated were radically changed.  Organizations in the Annapolis public and private sectors had to adapt to remote work and video meetings, and many people are still moving between their homes and the workplace.  Are your business communications keeping up? Are you prepared for more change?

Some of the technology changes implemented to deal with the pandemic will remain in place. If you haven’t already taken a closer look at advances in Business Communications, now is a good time to learn more. CTS, based in Millersville, has been Anne Arundel County’s go-to Business Voice, Video, and Networking source for 36 years, and they are equipped to handle all of your business communication needs.  They continue to keep our community leaders connected and help local businesses thrive in our dynamic, local economy.

Anne Arundel’s one-stop source for solutions that solve today’s business and technology challenges

Fifteen years ago, VOIP was just coming into play, but as with all technology, it advanced at a rapid pace and in some instances, became more complex. CTS has handled it all and has kept up with (and ahead of) the curve when it comes to business communication technologies that are now available.

  • Voice solutions, Cloud, Onsite, and Hybrid deployments
  • e911 and HIPAA compliant solutions
  • Phone and CRM/customer database integration
  • Infrastructure, Cabling, and Wi-Fi
  • Broadband and Carrier services
  • Team Meeting and Video collaboration
  • Sound Masking and Speech Privacy systems
  • Call Recording for voice documentation
  • and much more

With CTS, you can say goodbye to outdated technologies, obsolete systems, and invisible vulnerabilities.

Cost-Saving, All-In-One Cloud Voice Services Will…

  • Connect your remote and hybrid workforce
  • Enable team meetings and collaborations
  • Help you stay connected on the go with web, mobile, and desktop applications
  • Integrate with your customer databases and CRM systems
  • Streamline system management with automatic upgrades and feature add-ons
  • Protect your operations with secure, reliable communications

Jeff Nolte and his parents Diane and Dennis started CTS in 1985, and they were like most entrepreneurs − very optimistic about what they saw as a great opportunity. They established CTS to help apply ever-changing technology to customers’ business communication and IT needs. They dedicated themselves to delivering top-notch customer support while giving back to the local Maryland community.

36 years later Jeff is leading his successful family business, with a tenured team of family members and employees that includes Nolte Family spouses, children, and in-laws.

CTS professionals support over 5,000 customers in the Mid-Atlantic region. They have earned the respect of the marketplace and the industry as innovative leaders in voice, video, and networking.

To see what CTS can do for your business, contact Jeff Nolte via email at [email protected] or give him a call at 410-850-4848.

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