December 9, 2023
Annapolis, US 52 F

BONUS PODCAST: Can you Spare #JustOneSweater ??

Winter is coming and many of us are going to be cold! But many of us can help, with little effort.  Look in that closet, is there just one sweater that you don’t wear?

Maybe that one your Aunt gave you that is, how shall we say it…not your style??  Why not drop it off at a drop point for #JustOneSweater and make someone’s winter a bit warmer?

Today, we speak with Lisa Lutz who dreamt up this initiative after seeing a young boy in Michigan doing something similar. Year one saw a few hundred sweaters, year two saw a few thousand. What will year three hold?

Have a listen, and then head to your closet and pick out #JustOneSweater

Drop off locations listed on their Facebook Page!

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