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What is the Best Way to Consume Marijuana for your Health?

There are so many different opinions on what the best way to consume marijuana is and as a result, it can be challenging for the average person to know what they should do. Some people believe that smoking marijuana is the way to go, while others believe that edibles are a better option. It seems with so many opinions that there is no right answer, but if you’re having a hard time choosing a product or device that will suit your needs, it is best to ask for help in a cannabis store where experts will answer all of your questions. For example, The Joint, a chain of cannabis shops in Canada, has knowledgeable staff who will work closely with you to find the best product for your situation and answer any questions you may have about cannabis use. There are two  The Joint Saskatoon locations and many more across the country that offer both medical and recreational products.

Cannabis has been used as a substance to help people manage symptoms such as pain and many others because of its medical properties. There are so many ways that one can consume marijuana which leaves just one question: which method will deliver the best results? If you’re looking for answers, this blog will outline all the best available options as well as highlight some things you should consider before making your decision.

Dry herb vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers are a battery-operated inhalation device that has risen in popularity in recent years. Incredible vape supplies such as those found in Cold Turkey St James are easily available and convenient, making the life of cannabis consumers more enjoyable in every aspect. Vaporizers are handheld, portable, and extremely convenient. You have the luxury of determining your temperature depending on what effects you want to experience. The main components of a dry vaporizer are the chamber, battery, mouthpiece, and LED screen. The small chamber means you use less dry herb compared to other inhalation methods such as joints. The main appeal of this device is that it is a healthier option compared to traditional smoking and that can be attributed to the fact that dry herb vaporizers produce vapor instead of smoke as well as the fact that the herb gets heated instead of burnt during combustion.


A bubbler is a small water pipe that is used to smoke dry cannabis flowers. This device is similar to a bong in that it is a water filtration device that purifies smoke. Bubblers are generally small and can be handled with a single hand which also makes them very portable and easy to store. A bubbler hits similar to a dry pipe except there is a carb that builds and releases the smoke. If you are looking for healthier consumption, this is a method to consider because of the low heat temperature and lack of smoke. After prolonged usage, your lung health will start to be negatively affected so proceed cautiously. You will feel the effects within minutes.

Bongs and joints

Bongs and joints are two of the most popular marijuana consumption methods. A bong is a water filtration device and a joint is a hand-rolled inhalation consumption method that uses dry herbs and rolling paper. Both these methods use combustion because the dry herb has to be burnt; however, a bong has water which purifies the smoke to give you a smoother hit. Still, both bongs and joints are not the healthiest of ways to consume cannabis as they both produce smoke which is risky for your lungs. If you consume this way you can expect to feel effects almost instantly. Still, bongs are a bit healthier than joints, since the smoke is not as harsh.


Edibles are any food or drink product that contains marijuana. When you consume an edible, the cannabis enters your system through your digestive system and your liver which results in a much more potent high that also lasts longer than any consumption method. 12 hours to be exact. The THC content in edibles is extremely high so you need to practice caution and not consume too many edibles per session. The way edibles are processed also means that you have to wait upward of 2 hours until any effects are felt. This is one of the healthiest consumption methods.

Dab rigs

Dab rigs are another water filtration device similar to a bong except the design is more intricate and uses wax instead of dry herbs. Additionally, dab rigs produce vapor instead of smoke which gives a more potent high, and because you can control the temperature, you get more flavor. Dabbing is much healthier because of the vapor and you can expect to feel effects within 2 minutes max.

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