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What Are The Key Sustainability Trends of 2021


SmokestackEarlier this year, Maryland politicians introduced a slew of ground-breaking legislation in order to combat the effects of climate change. It came in 5 key acts:

  1. The Climate Solutions Now Act
  2. The Climate Crisis and Education Act
  3. The Transit Safety and Investment Act
  4. The Clean Water Commerce Act
  5. The Public Service Commission Consideration of Climate and Labor legislation

These legislations include a range of steps – such as reforestation, afforestation (the practice of planting trees in areas that previously did not contain any), the expansion of renewable energy, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. If you’re using the services of a company that provides IT Support for Small Business Solutions, then you’ll know about this trend and using more ‘green’ technology. This is following in an almost global movement toward the adoption of sustainable practices, not only in government but in a range of industries and sectors. For example, when asked, 99% of CEOs stated that sustainability was very important to the future of business.

Businesses are adopting many new sustainable practices, but the most popular one appears to be the practice of Carbon Offsetting. There has been an increase in IT Support Central London Offerings that take into consideration how to lessen your ecological impacts as a company. As most will know, the carbon footprint of individuals, events, and organizations has been a big part of the climate change dialog. Carbon offsetting offers organizations the opportunity to help reduce the overall amount of greenhouse emissions in the environment when compared with the number of greenhouse emissions that those same businesses are responsible for. Some examples of carbon offsetting include reforestation efforts, investment in renewable energies, and the responsible destruction of pollutants that contribute to greenhouse emissions.

The technology sector also has a lot to answer for in terms of sustainability measures. Some tech giants have been under fire for their practices that go against the right-to-repair principle – which states that consumers should be entitled to have products they have purchased repaired using spare parts. These seem obvious, but many manufacturers, particularly tech giants, have a tendency to restrict the repairability of their products, or worse, make device repair incredibly expensive. So the Right to Repair movement is intended to force manufacturers to provide more accessible repair services and encourage more sustainable practices, in order to avoid pointless waste (as many perfectly good devices end up in landfills due to these unsustainable manufacturing practices.)

But what can Maryland residents and businesses do themselves do to help encourage the tide of sustainable practices?

Well, the onus for change should not be entirely on individuals – because it is the big businesses that can make the most difference. However, individuals can exercise their buying power to show big businesses that they want to see sustainability in what they buy.

As for businesses, there are many good options. In any IT Support Company, they should have its own dedicated teams, including Infrastructure Experts, and a Microsoft 365 Consultant Team to help with unique queries and requests. For example, making sure that the technology and hardware being used is energy efficient is a good step. Some may be reluctant to spend money on new technology when their old tech is still working for them – but in terms of energy efficiency, that old tech could prove to be more costly in the long-term, than investing in newer, energy-efficient hardware. Additionally, migrating to Cloud computing within your business is also a good idea. Not only can it make your business more streamlined and productive, but it was been consistently proven that Cloud technology is more energy-efficient than traditional, on-premise technology.

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