January 30, 2023
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State Resources to Help You Grow Your Annapolis-Based Business – Maryland’s Department of Labor

As an Annapolis-based business broker, I talk to a lot of local business owners and entrepreneurs. One of the biggest challenges facing, seemingly all, businesses right now is the ability to hire and retain a skilled workforce.

Now, “skilled” is different for every company; however, no company can be profitable over the long term without having a complete staff. And because of the pandemic, right now we are seeing a variety of symptoms in our business community that are manifestations of businesses not having a complete workforce.

Symptoms such as:

  • Slow Service Less Hours
  • Turning Away Work

But what I have found is that many business owners do not know that Maryland’s Department of Labor actually provides some resourcing to help owners find, attract, and retain staff.

Hiring Through Maryland’s Department of Labor

For owners looking for help staffing up, I recommend starting with the Maryland Workforce Expressway website. According to their own website, the Maryland Workforce Expressway “…offers various education, training, employment, and regulatory services to connect businesses with a skilled workforce. These services provide both employers and employees with the opportunity to improve their performance and thrive in Maryland.” And it does that through a variety of services, grants, and incentives; including:

  • Talent Engagement Services, where Maryland provides acquisition, retention, and management resources and services
  • Workforce Education, where Maryland’s higher education programs provide apprenticeships, internships, and externships.
  • Hiring Incentives, including Federal or State tax credits
  • Workforce Training Grants, which help Maryland business owners create and maintain the skilled workforce they need

So, do not forget to check in with the State the next time your company is looking to hire. And if you would like to speak with a person on this matter, reach out to me at [email protected] and ask me to introduce you to Ellen Bredt with the Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning at the Department of Labor. She is fantastic and will either have the answers to your questions OR know how to get them.

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