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October 6, 2021 | Daily News Brief | Pittman Media Call Debrief. APD Shenanigans. Finlayson Wins. Leadership Anne Arundel!

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Today…County Executive Pittman extended outdoor dining into 2023, but Annapolis will stop it next month. The CE was not allowed to speak to the Board of Education but he wants to use school and county funds to pay the bus drivers more money and has asked for a plan from AACPS.  The Annapolis Police violated an officer’s 4th and 5th Amendment rights in a criminal misconduct case. Alderwoman Sheila Finlayson survived the recount and was declared the winner. Leadership Anne Arundel is looking for the next NLA class. And a few programming notes!

Scott MacMullan with Scott MacMullan Law is here with some legal tips in his periodic segment– Legal Briefs!

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Good morning, it is Wednesday, October 6th,  2021 and THIS is your Eye On Annapolis Daily News Brief.

Yeah, it is hump day and I can almost taste the weekend!  But before we get to the weekend, we need to get to the news…so shall we?

OK, yesterday we had a media call with the County Executive and I learned some things.  First, he proposed and the Council approved extending outdoor dining until January of 2023.  We checked with the City of Annapolis and Mitchelle Stephenson said that Annapolis will suspend outdoor dining on November 1 of this year.  The County Executive also said he was looking into ways of supplementing the pay for bus drivers because he feels they are underpaid and suggested using school and county money to increase the pay of the employees of the contracted bus companies. And I did confirm that the contractors were paid in full for the time during COVID when they were not working.  Pittman wants a plan from AACPS on how to solve the problem and give the drivers hope…honestly this does not look to end anytime soon….and he also went to the Board of Education meeting and they refused to allow him to speak.

And on the bus situation…currently, 21 routes are not in service today but that will be updated shortly. is where you need to go to verify.

It is official. After a recount in the Ward 4 primary for the City of Annapolis, incumbent Sheilas Finlayson has won by 5 votes. Absent a write-in candidate, and Toni Strong Pratt did that last time, Finlayson will be seated in the next council as there were no Republican challengers for that seat.  Remember, election day is November 2nd and we will have podcast interviews with the candidates in about a week!

Lilly Price from THe Capital reported on a criminal case that leave my head shaking. An Annapolis cop was caught closing a bunch of rape cases without investigation. They did an internal investigation and then charged him criminally for misconduct.  Yesterday Judge Crooks tossed the case out. Why? Well, apparently the police and the state’s attorney office violated the fifth amendment. The charged officer admitted he had computer problems and closed a case in the internal investigation…which oddly enough any admission is inadmissible in criminal court…and then they used it against him. Another twist, the internal investigator left that position and was moved to criminal and was the same one that charged him.  APD also searched a hard drive without consent violating his 4th amendment rights. The judge said he had no choice.  And in an odd twist, when the incidents came to light, Chief Jackson said it was a result of top to bottom department-wide audit. But the guy who discovered it testified that it was not an audit, but a result of moving a filing cabinet to make room in the office for another desk.  Lots of things that make you go hmmm.   And, my meeting with the Chief has been postponed yet again by the Chief. We are supposed to sit down and discuss if they are really releasing information on all the crime that is happening in the town–he has an email now, so we continue to wait for a meeting!

I have hyped up Leadership Anne Arundel a lot and for good reason. I did the flagship program last year but they also have a Neighborhood Leadership Academy. It is a no-cost, 6-month  program for grassroots leaders. Maybe a church or community leader, a kid who is particularly inspirational, and anyone just looking to make a difference in Anne Arundel County.  They are taking names for the next class that starts in January and runs through June. Check it out at and the deadline to apply is December 15.

And as we wrap up a programming note.  I am switching around the Local Business Spotlights.. up this Saturday will be a new local company called AeroVanti, and then next weekend will be Rehab 2 Perform, followed by Mission Escape Rooms.  Remember, send me names of companies you feel should be spotlighted!  And another programming note… I am taking a short break from the DNB for a few days starting on Monday–we have a guest host lined up, so when you hear a different voice–it’s all good!

OK, that’s it for the news, but first a quick thank you to our four sponsors for this Daily News Brief– Solar Energy Services, the Kristi Neidhardt Team of Northrop Realty, a Long and Foster Company, Rehab 2 Perform, and Mac Medics.

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So now, hang tight, we have  George Young from DCMDVA Weather standing by with your locally forecast weather report. And since you never know when you might need an attorney, we have Scott MacMullan from Scott MacMullan Law here today with some of his periodic legal insight for you.  All that’s coming up, in a few seconds.

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