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Five CBD Products that Could Help Manage Chronic Pain

Pain management has created an opioid epidemic in the United States. As a result, we desperately need solutions that treat pain naturally without dangerous, life-threatening side effects. As CBD becomes more accepted and broadly used to manage chronic pain, choosing the right product for your needs is essential.

CBD for Pain

CBD has performed incredibly well in controlled studies using animal models to reduce swelling and increase mobility. Researching pain relief is difficult because pain is subjective. It is hard to prove that a substance can reduce pain because everyone’s tolerance is different. However, we have countless anecdotal accounts from people who have experienced CBD pain relief firsthand.

Best CBD for Pain

The best CBD product for pain is one that fits your lifestyle and allows you to use it every day. Consistent use is the most critical aspect of CBD. When looking at CBD oil for pain reviews, you will notice that the users who experience successful results took a dose at least once per day.

Experts agree that using CBD daily is the best way to get results. We highly recommend using multiple administration methods. For instance, you can take CBD oil sublingually each morning to boost endocannabinoid production for long-term effects and use CBD topically when you experience pain.

CBD Products for Pain

Below are our picks for the best types of products to use when you experience pain. Again, we recommend using multiple and choosing the ones that best fit your lifestyle.

1.   CBD Oils and Tinctures

Using CBD sublingually with oil and tinctures is the most effective way to administer CBD without serious side effects. Allowing CBD oil to dissolve under your tongue allows for maximum absorption. The mucosal glands under your tongue serve as a direct path to the bloodstream.

2.   CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are another great way to administer CBD for pain. Taking a capsule is beneficial because it is so easy. We are all accustomed to taking pills, tablets, or capsules each day.

3.   CBD Gummies

Gummies are one of the most popular forms of CBD because they are delicious. Who doesn’t like a gummy packed with cannabinoids that ease the pain? Taking gummies also offers high absorption rates because they are broken down in your mouth and easily by your stomach. Select the best gummies for you, but many have seen rich successes with Cbn Gummies. Other edibles like cookies and chocolates have relatively low bioavailability rates because the CBD has to be processed by the liver.

4.   CBD Vapes

Smoking CBD with a vape is by far the most efficient way to send CBD to your bloodstream. The lungs are filled with blood; every hit goes directly into your bloodstream and is distributed throughout the body.

The downside of using a CBD vape is the long-term consequences. We are not sure about the side effects of using vapes long-term because they are so new. Make sure you buy a product with all-natural ingredients containing no synthetic fillers if you want to relieve pain with CBD vape.

5.   Topicals

Topicals are among the most popular delivery methods for pain because you can apply a concentrated dose directly to the sore muscle or joint. We recommend finding a high potency product because the skin is less permeable than our mucosal glands or lungs.

CBD Pain Management

Using CBD for pain is among the most popular reasons why people use CBD. To experience the best results, make sure you are using CBD daily, have a reliable retailer, and find the optimal dosage for your body. We highly recommend supplementing a topical with another method to experience the best results possible.

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